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    Who's Your Pokemon!?

    This game can have 15-30 people depending on who wants to play. Depending on the theme of the round everyone will have a Pokemon. (An example round would be, Water Pokemon). The goal of this game is for you to find out who everyone is before anyone else! To do this you are aloud to PM/VM people...
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    Pokedex Match

    Can you guess a Pokemon just from their Pokedex entry? The rules are simple: I will post a Pokedex entry, and your job is to guess what Pokemon it is. HOWEVER: --You are not allowed to look the entry up on your games or on an online Pokedex, If you do, you will not get points for that...
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    The Post-a-Death game

    This is how it's played: The first poster posts something about a life-form that is doing a current activity, such as: Devastator2000: A blob monster lies down on a comfy couch. BLOXXER2910: But, the couch is an evil monster and swallows him. And then they start the cycle again...
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    Give The Poster Above A Dex Entry

    Basically, as the title says, all you do in this game is give the poster above you a Pokedex entry. Example: Poster W: Luvdisclover101010101, the Valentine's Pokemon This Pokemon has an unpronounceable name and is often seen with hordes of LUVDISC. Poster H: Poster W, the Non-existant Pokemon...
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    Have you broken a bone?

    I wanna know if you have broken or dislocated a bone in your body. For me, I have broken my wrist and my finger.
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    You Fail to Catch a Magikarp

    Im reviving this game so we can play it. The Rules: 1. All sppf rules 2. Try to use grammer. If you accidentally spell it wrong, just edit the post This is how you play: Someone says that they are trying to catch a Pokemon, and the person below them says a dumb/crazy/impossible reason...
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    Do you use a wheelchair or do you not use a wheelchair?

    I am interested to know if your a parapalegic or if you can walk without any problems. Type in what you voted for.
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    Ninja warrior

    This thread is where you can talk about the show, ninja warrior.
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    Ninja Warrior

    This is the thread where you come to talk about Ninja warrior
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    What would you do in this situation?

    Everyone posts a random situation and at the end of their post it would say what they would do. Ex: Arceus appears in front of you and says "DIE!" Next post: Attack him with Elvis Presley's guitar You score the game winning touchdown Next post: Scream "W00000000T!" You...
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    Love it or Shove it: Pokemon

    Im reviving this thread. Basically, its like this: Person names a pokemon, then person below says if they Love it or if they hate(shove) it P1:Uxie P2: LOVE IT! Pikachu P3: Love it! Gothitelle P4: Shove it! Rapidash And so on and so on Ill start. Uxie Edit: Thanks to skyomi, you can play this
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    Pokemon 20Q

    I shall re-new this game The rules are: 1. Obey sppf rules How to play: 1.Everyone else asks the "It" YES OR NO questions. 2. After twenty or when you think you know it, you guess the pokemon, if it's right, you pick the next pokemon, if your wrong, you have 4 more guesses of what it could...
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    In this thread, we talk about ROBLOX. ROBLOX is a virtual, online place where u can build anything, be anything and its for the pc. Enjoy!
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    Pokecide! II

    When I fisrt saw this, I wanted to play it so badly. Basicly, If there was a genocide of tympole or a hunt for shellos, what would happen to the environmet Example: Player #1: Pokemon: Magikarp Region: Kanto (B/R/Y/LG/FR) Player #2 No Magikarps would mean no more Gyarados, less...
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    Ninja Warrior

    This is my first game. Now, in this game, there are 25 competitors. In each round, you'll be asked a question about pokemon. If you get it right, you beat 2 obstacles. You will have to pm the answers to me. There are 4 stages and each round, I will tell who passed and who failed. This is what...
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    PMD: Monster Houses

    This thread is for talking about some of your experiences from encountering the horrible, killer monster house. Monster houses in PMD appear in magma cavern onward and in PMD 2, monster houses start in Amp Plains and appear onward. My first time i encountered one I was like "OH Noes!" I died...