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    Do YOU Sterotype?

    I am aware there is a Racial sterotype topic, but wasn't sure if to ask this in it. In my psychology lesson today, we were talking about sterotypes and why people do sterotype, and, suprisingly, quite a few people claimed not to. This made me wonder how many people do, without realising...
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    What shows did you enjoy as a child?

    We all have the shows we loved as a kid, what were yours? I grew up primarily with Thomas The Tank Engine, Tugs, Chucklevison, Rosie and Jimbob and, to an extent, Pokemon and Brum.
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    I know that there will be loads of you guys telling People to Man up, or what ever, but I felt like making this, so people can share what they went though (Spelling?) if they wish. (Might be better suited to Main misc However). I went through quite a bad patch of bullying between year 9 and...
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    Which Accents do you like? And do you want one off the ones you like? I like Geordie, Liverpudlian, West Country and a few others.
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    Do you have any pets? If so, what kind(s) and how many? I have two kittens, Gizmo and Stripe. http://inlinethumb22.webshots.com/47573/2820927170104687065S200x200Q85.jpg
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    Planned White Team

    Reuniclus (depends what nature it is when I find it!) @Leftovers -Psyshock -Focus Blast -Energy Ball -Calm Mind/Recover Carracosta (Naive) @Life Orb Solid Rock -Ancientpower -Ice Beam -Waterfall -Bulldoze/Earthquake Archeops (Jolly) @Muscle Band It's ablity -Earthquake...
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    How often do you read?

    As the title says. Also, what book(s) are you currently reading? I read for about 3 hours a day, and have 2 books on the go at the moment. (Look who it is! Alan Carr, and James May: May on Motors).
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    Planned Ingame HG Team

    Yeah, I am trying to use Rarely Seen Pokemon. Granbull Jolly @Muscle Band Return Crunch Earthquake ????? Seadra/Kingdra Timid @Wise Glasses Hydro Pump/Surf Ice Beam Dragon Pulse Toxic/Yawn Golem Brave @Muscle Band Earthquake Fire Blast Stone Edge...
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    What do you think about swearing?

    What do you think about swearing? I dont see anything wrong with it, its only a bloody word.
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    Stupidest thing you have ever done?

    As the title says. I thought it would be a good idea to clean out the loft for my mum, not rembering that the floor was being fixed, so put my foot through my brother's ceiling...
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    Yahoo messenger on Mac 10.39

    I cant seem to get my yahoo to open so I can install it. It told me to place it in the applications folder and open the copy, which I did, and then said the same thing when i tried to open the copy. Whats up with it?
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    Ingame Diamond Plan

    Starmie(Neptune) Modest@Leftovers Surf Icebeam Thunderbolt Psychic/Recover Pikachu(Infect) Timid@Lightball Thunderbolt Grass Knot Protect Thunderwave Torterra(xZeusx) Adament/Bold@Leftovers/Amulet Coin WoodHammer Earthquake Crunch Stone Edge Staraptor @Jolly@Sharpbeak...
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    Future Firered team

    ;026;@Modest/Timid Thunderbolt Irontail Dig ???? ;009;@Modest Icebeam Surf Protect Rest ;012;@Timd Gigadrain Psychic Silverwind Shadowball ;076;@Adment Rockslide Explsion Earthquake Brickbreak ;103;@Timid SunnyDay Solarbeam Sludgebomb(Can he get it?) Psychic
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    Proper british comedy!

    Here,you can talk about programmes such as Blackadder Mr.Bean Vicar of Dibley Tyo(The young ones) Erm....Little Britian... Thats all I have for now.
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    Have pepole sued Ninty for stupid things?Links whould be apprcatid.(sp?)
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    This was an excallent comedy show.I have only seen the WWI episodes,But from what I have gatherd it contains well wirten Charcters and plot. OI know Stephen Fry and Rowan Atakisn.(SP?) were in it.
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    Remeber this?

    Thomas the tank engine and friends. A classic in its own right, and a show that most of you watched. It was one of my fave shows.I watched a new one and after sitting thourgh not more then the first 2 minutes,I turned it off and said to my self "What the flip." It was sugercoated and...
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    Anybody seeing one?I'm being took to aladian 2night.
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    Broken Lives.A tragic one shot.

    ~Broken Lives~ A Pokémon One shot by Sam (~Nidoking~) A young boy of around 14 tumbled out of the door. His brown hair was shorter then normal and had been combed, but it wasn’t now. His dinner Jacket was torn and bloodied and His trousers and shoes were torn. True, He had been late, but...
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    Pokemon Shinnon

    Just a quick preview. Chapter one! Sam, Dan and Matt! “Battle starting! I choose you Skitty!” The small pink and cream cat Pokémon shook her Tail. “Use assist...” “BRING BRING BRRRRING” The crumpled duvet fell on to the floor. A 4 foot lad clambered out yawing. His brown hair was...