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    Dreamwork Show Thread

    This thread is to talk about the various shows that have sprung up recently based on some of the DreamWorks movies. The shows for the record are: Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awsomeness, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Dragons: Riders of Berk. Personally I liked Penguins when it started...
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    Create &/or Change Anything & Everything Competitive Edition!

    Instead of multiple threads about what changes to abilities, moves, and base stats, This thread will be dedicated to changing anything Competitive. Some basic rules to abide by. Avoid stuff like:"Allow Excadrill because Smogon doesn't know better" Make sure Moveset and Ability changes are...
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    Napoleon Dynamite

    Not the movie, but the new series. What are your thoughts? Opinions? Will you watch it? Some Info Here http://www.fox.com/napoleon-dynamite/
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    Attack a Whack!

    Just my drawings of Pokemon using attacks. Hand Drawn, then scanned, then colored in the shop. [/CENTER] *I know Gigalith is missing one more angle on it's eyes. **I know Palpitoad has 3 Toes. I drew these from memory and had to make do.
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    Eject The RED Card

    When you ask somene about a 5th Gen item, chances are they will say 'Eviolite'. I'm more fond of a certain other item. Red Card, and it's cousin, Eject Button. Red Card-When you are hit by a move, the opponent is phazed out. Eject Button-When you are hit by a move, you are swapped...
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    The Arzon Region

    Yes, you read right, Arzon Region. I am making a region (and possibly a fan-hack) full of many new pokemon. The region will be partially based on Arizona, with large influences of California on it's East Coast. These are the Pokemon of the Region Take note, the 5th Gen Sprites...
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    Not Pokemon Sprites

    Just revamping the Super Mario Land Series Sprites. 1st is those strange shelled enemies found in SML 1 & 2. Normally you'd stomp them then they'd become a ball that exploded. in 2 they more resembeled Buzzy Beetles, but the concept was the same. Now they are the equivalent of Mecha...
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    A little help? Dish Network Related.

    Ok, our Dish box went out and we got a new one, everything is installed, TV1 works fine remote and everything. Tv2 get's Signal, but the remote will not do anything, no buttons do anything, pushing the Sat. button does not allow me to change channels or anything. Is there either a.A way to...
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    Black and White sprites

    get it? Black and White, as in the color of 1st gen games!
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    Whose that Spritermon?

    IT'S METALFLYGON08 "FLY FLY" Prevos for Likitung and Tangela (No Names yet). And 100% scratch Pike Queen Lucy.
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    Multi-Hit or Move of the same power?

    This question has riddled me for as long as bonemerang's existed. Every set I see always lists these over those Earthquake over Bonemerang Dragon Claw over Dual Chop etc. Moves with the same base power (100 for earthquake, and 2 50s for Bonemerang, 80 for Dragon Claw, and 2 40s for...
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    Mince Meat

    I'm smitten with Minccino, it's my Pikachu, so to speak. So here's my personal one- Cho Tail Slap. Iron Tail. Aqua Tail
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    Pokemon White Post Game Team Possibilities

    To clarify, I keep my 3 MVP's from each generation to make my post game teams. They are all rotated among my 6 team slot, balanced out. From Fire Red (Well, the parent was from FR) Ace(Arcanine) Intimidate Adamant@Muscle Band Flare Blitz Close Combat Morning Sun Crunch...
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    State of the Union

    Just a little somthing I made while listening to the first chunk of it, Obama seemed like a broken record mentioning how the Democrats and Republicans were working together, and we all know both parties don't feel the same unity twords each other...
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    Rate my ingame team please!

    This is all after 8th gym, but before E4 Bacon (Emboar) Adamant(REALLY wish we had access to Reckless Emboar) Head Smash Hammer Arm Nitro Charge/Heat Stamp/Flare Blitz Wild Bolt Aeris (Swanna) Mild (going to breed for Modest) Surf Air Slash Fly(to be replaced by Ice Beam one...
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    Tuba Tied

    *listen to Clarinet Polka while you think about this* Very Rough Draft, but I plan to use this for an Animotion I am making, and what's better than a breathing Tuba?
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    Redone burmy line, big pecks 1.0, grass retype Female/Male, Big Pecks 2.0. rainbow
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    Black? White? You're all Invited in Regardless of Game Choice!

    Goodmorrow citizens! I havn't sprited in a while, so to whet my appetite, I made an animation of a fakemon I sprited a while back
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    Dream World Line Art to My Style

    I've recently discovered an easy way to cnvert DW art into Black and White outlines only, and figured I might aswell share these, and test them also. Emboar is the test pig. Here's the results... C&C ask Q's whatever. and the line art for Gigiasu Pokemon DW art copyright...
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    Beauty is a Beast

    As the topic name suggests, this thread is on Look bias. I was reading Time and found somthing rather shocking. a Hooters girl had been fired becuase she had gained 3 pounds, and was replaced with a girl due to the new girl having a bigger set of assets. now as a guy, I like te bigger...