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    The Crappy Pokemon Moveset Game Version TWO

    Dusclops @ Leftovers Shadow Sneak Confuse Ray Will-o-wisp Ice Punch Next: Umbreon
  2. F

    The Super Effectiveness Game

    Salamence, use Dragon Claw!
  3. F

    You're banned Game Version 2

    Banned for liking Fire and Ice Pokemons.
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    Rate the Avatar Above V.2

    8/10, nice Arcanine avatar.
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    Give the User above you a nickname!

    Marsh Dragonair Trainer.
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    Rate The Signature Above You {v.02}

    8/10, cute picture and texts you have.
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    Rate how well known the above user is. II

    1/10, first time seen you in here.
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    Rate the Avatar Above V.2

    7/10, no comment.
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    You're banned Game Version 2

    Banned for having Arbok as your avatar.
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    Rate The Signature Above You {v.02}

    9/10, cool banner and text you have.
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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    I will vote for Igglybuff and Jumpluff.
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    Alphabetical Face-off!

    I vote for Squirtle. Because it looks cute and powerful.
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    1st Gen Pokemon Face-off!

    I vote for Primeape.
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    Best Pokemon Ever Face-Off

    I will vote for Heracross. Because it's also my favourite Pokemon.
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    221111's Adventure Faceoff

    I vote for Charmeleon.
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    Ultimate Character/ Pokemon Face-off

    I vote for Steelix and Sceptile.
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    Zap! The Electric Face-Offs

    X10 Hurt Jolteon.
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    The Grass Pokemon Face-Off

    I vote for Cascoon. Because I have it in my team, but now it's a Dustox.
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    Favourite Fully Evolved Starter

    My favourite fully evolved starter Pokemon is Charizard.
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    Favourite Ice Pokemon?

    My favourite Ice Pokemon is Articuno. Because I like its looks and attacks.