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    Espacio's Sprites

    I don't really know what to say because I always promise "I'm back after _____ months and I'll be making sprites daily again". But that never happens, so hmm, here are my sprites I hope they aren't too bad. Gold Suicune revamp RS Butterfree revamp RS Masquerain revamp Scratch Mix of...
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    -Espacio-'s Mix Shop

    **I cannot make anymore requests until August 10th, I am on vacation** Examples/Finished Requests: Rules: 1. You must give credit wherever you decide to use the sprite 2. Only one request per person at a time please 3. Do not complain if I can't make your request, some sprites are just not...
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    -Espacio-'s Sprites

    Hello again to any that remember me. I am returning to spriting after a 5 month break, I hope I'm not too rusty ***If you have a request, please post it in my shop -link- Thanks ^.^*** Newest: Check back daily for new sprites ^.^
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    -Espacio's Sprite Gallery V2-

    (newest) Hey everyone I'm back ^^ Posting a few familiar sprites now 'cause I haven't had much free time, but stay tuned for new sprites!
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    NASA Lunar Crashing

    I just watched the simulation of the lunar crash on the news. It looked really awesome! But I don't think they will find any water/ice. Do you think we could eventually make a lunar base?
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    -Espacio-'s Sprite Gallery

    Hey everyone, some of you may remember me, probably not though xD Anyways, I decided to get back into spriting because of the free time summer has granted me, and I hope your critique can make my spriting ability better. Here we go ^_^ -Current WIP- ---> ---------------------------- A...
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    Prof. Espacio's Laboratory

    Prof. Espacio's Lab Thanks for visiting Prof. Espacio's Laboratory, -Espacio- hopes you comment and/or critique all of the sprites he makes ^^ (WIP)
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    New Platinum Pictures

    Hey Serebii, I found some new Platinum pictures as well as some clearer shots of pictures you already have. You can add the ones(if any) that you like on Serebii.net :) I found all of these on the official website, and some are from pausing and then pressing alt.and print screen on the videos...
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    A Twist on Everyday Spriting

    Pokemon Celestine Version This is my own pokemon version that I thought of, insprired by Douger's Rainbow Version(thanks for the idea buddy). -Info- *The region of the game is called the Chitoh Region *The player starts out in Sappling Village *The professor of the game is the first great...
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    Espacio Space Center

    After a little break, Espacio has returned! (Yay, lets have a party :cool:) So, here are my newest sprites, criticism and comments are appreciated Mixes (NEWEST) Recolor & Reshade Scratches
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    New Pokemon Season

    I just checked the guide on my TV, and it said that the new Pokemon Season/Series is going to be called: Pokemon: DP Battle Dimension. It sounds so cool! So, should Serebii update the site with this new name?(in the Episode Guide Seciton) And the was also the name of the next episode(after the...
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    It Came From Space

    PLEASE POST AND RATE THE THREAD, THANKS!! :D Hey everyone, some may remember me, most probably dont, lol. Im -Espacio- (which means space in Spanish) and i've been spriting since i joined in May 2005, almost 3 years, so im pretty experienced(if i do say so myself :p) Anyways, enough with...
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    What happened?

    Well, i was just about to sr(soft reset) for a shiny porygon on my firered. I had all the badges, 9999 coins at the game corner, and almost a full kanto pokedex. Then, when i turn it on, i get the game is corrupt message. Can anyone eexplain? ~*Olivertwist*~
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    Twistin' You All Up

    Hey, guess who? I finally got back into spriting after....maybe half a year ;) Well, i have made some new sprites, and i really need some crit on them :D Oddish Revamp Swinub Revamp Chimecho Scratch Skarmory Revamp ~*Olivertwist*~ P.S. More to come soon :)
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    ~My Pokemon Drawings~

    Hey everyone :D I just started drawing some real pokemon today, and here are my first 2: Houndoom - My favorite one so far ;D Chimecho - The tail thing is too big :( C + C please! ~GoldenAge~
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    You know your_________ when you___________

    OK, this is a thread where you can come to laugh or just to read something when you are bored. These can be funny, but do not have a spam war because someone is being mean to a certain "group" of people. All of these are no offense to anyone ~*OliverTwist*~ P.S. here is one to start the...
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    Oliver Is Back (again)

    Remember me, the sucky spriter?: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=109496 Well, I think I'm a little better: - Bulbasaur Revamp - Spinarak Revamp - Wooper+Magnemite - Random Blue Jar - Phanpy Avatar Squirtle disguised as Torkoal with rain drops - Morty...
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    Oliver is Back, Go Tell Your Friends!

    Guess what? I'm back with some new sprites! Red/Blue (i think) Oddish Revamp Silver Horsea Revamp One of my old fakes, Talik, redone My first mix, Ho-Ohgon, redone Comment and Crit please :D
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    Shadow Lucario & ~*OliverTwist*~'s Request Shop

    Wow, I haven't had a shop in a long time. Anyways, here is the shop! Rules: 1) No double posting your request, or it will not be done 2) Be patient, good sprites sometimes take long 3) If you don't use the sprite, don't give it to other people please 4) Give credit to any and all...
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    Pokemon Megalution

    Ok, this is my first story and I really need tips on how to make it better. Also, the first chapter is rated G Characters Name: Oliver Gender: Male Age:10 Appearance: Brown hair, Light Blue shirt, Dark Blue scarf, and Light blue eyes. Personality: Oliver is a shy, smart boy and he...