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    #172 Pichu / #025 Pikachu / #026 Raichu

    Looking for legit pikachu with fly. Have most event pokemon untouched Pm me
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    If you breed a hacked pokemon to a male does that make the newly hatched one legit?

    If you breed a hacked pokemon to a male does that make the newly hatched one legit?
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    I didn't know that thank you!

    I didn't know that thank you!
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    #150 Mewtwo

    Have extra legit Mewtwo lv70 untouched from heart gold or soul silver Want charmander, charmeleon, or charizard male with hidden ability solar power
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    #648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

    Have 4 extra meloetta because I had extra copy's of the game when they were being given out. I want a charmander, charmeleon, or charizard with solar power. Male only so I can breed it. I can't think if anything else I need at the moment because I have most event pokemon and dream world as...
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    #004 Charmander / #005 Charmeleon / #006 Charizard

    Looking for a male charmander, charmeleon, or charizard with Hidden ability solar power so I can breed it I have many legit legendary and event pokemon to trade due to the fact I always have multiple copy's of every pokemon game that comes out. Just let me know what you need. I'm 99% sure I...
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    My scizor has jolly nature and "likes to run". But I think sunny day is what did it. I didn't even think of chlorophyll. Well I'm mad I lost but at least I have a logical reason why it prob happened. Thanx!
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    Well that's why I mentioned he used 2 different moves. Because the scarf that ups speed only allows use of 1 move. I thought hacked pokemon aren't able to be used. That pisses me off since it was my only loss
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    So I just battled an Exeggutor via wifi. It was faster then both my Scizor and Breloom and I've EV trained both in speed to their max. I don't understand. It used hidden power and leaf storm so neither were strike first moves. How can it be faster?
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    #610 Axew / #611 Fraxure / #612 Haxorus

    Shiny Haxorus for genesect. Don't care what kind or level
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    #506 Lillipup / #507 Herdier / #508 Stoutland

    I have a shiny Herdier lv 34 and never used. Want a genesect of any kind or lv.
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    #649 Genesect

    I have an extra Mew, Giratina, Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, Cresselia, I have a Haxorus and Herdier that are shiny that I am also willing to trade. Will trade whatever or more then one of these for just 1 genesect of any kind! PM me Edit: trade complete
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    #488 Cresselia

    I have a Cresselia lv 100 quiet or I can still capture the one from my black 2 game and trade it untouched. If you need it to be a certain nature I can keep restarting the game till I capture the it with the nature you want. I need a genesect of any kind for my pokedex. PM me
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    #487 Giratina Altered Forme / Origin Forme

    I have a Giratina either lv 100 lax or 47 Bashful Need a Genesect. Not picky, need it for my pokedex
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    #151 Mew

    I have a mew for trade. You can have either my lv 67 or 100. I need a genesect. Not picky since its for my pokedex Edit: trade done
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    #491 Darkrai

    Have an extra Darkrai. Want a genesect or victini. Not picky. For my pokedex Edit: trade complete
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    #649 Genesect

    I need a genesect. I have an extra Mew and Giratina. I will entertain other request for a genesect as well. PM me if your interested Edit: trade complete
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    #487 Giratina Altered Forme / Origin Forme

    Have Giratina legit. Looking for victini. Not picky FC 0992 0251 2559
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    #494 Victini

    Ok so I need a victini. I don't care what kind because I'm just filling my pokedex and won't be using it in battles. I have an extra Mew lv 67 or 100. I also have a extra Darkrai at level 48 or 100. Also have a Giratina level 47 or 100. Also a female gligar with its hidden ability. My friend...
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    Simple Join avenue question

    This is great info that I will use to level up my join avenue. I didn't miss the chance to talk to the gym leader. I have shop that only needs about 150 points for it to level up to 9. I used up all the other visitors I had today and I didn't want to waste the 1000 points the gym leader would...