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  1. CyberBlaziken

    UPDATE : Extra May/June Legendary Distribution Serial Codes

    My local GameStop has a ton of extra codes left over. I'm trying to get them all and distribute them here. I'm limiting this to ONE OF EACH per person. The codes are for the May Distribution, Yveltal for Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun, and Xerneas for Pokemon Moon and Ultra Moon. The June...
  2. CyberBlaziken

    The Pokemon Link Game

    It goes like this, you have to make a link between the Pokemon in the post above, mentioning why they are related. Example : Rules : 1. All SPPF rules apply. 2. You have to give a legit reasoning to link the Pokemon. Please avoid saying terms like 'Both are cute', 'both are awesome'. 3...
  3. CyberBlaziken

    The One Word Story Game v2.0 (Rule update. 16.12.2015)

    How To Play : Users posts words to make it a story, and it has to be just one word per post. Example : Rules 1. SppF rules apply. 2. Post only one word. Before doing so, copy and paste the above word/sentence/paragraph and then put the word of your choice. 3. Make sure it's proper English...
  4. CyberBlaziken

    The 'New' Ash

    Simple really. Do you like Ash the way he is now? Catching more Pokemon in one region than he ever did, Or keeping mostly 6 and training them?