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  1. CyberBlaziken

    Metroid Series Thread

    This game.. is hard.
  2. CyberBlaziken

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    I don't know, I was just kinda expecting Mega Evolution to be thrown in and make everyone lose their minds. But these look great. There's been some hints about Galactic ambitions, which may or may not be more than what we've gone through in D/P. 1:1, faithful or whatever terms been used...
  3. CyberBlaziken

    Bleach discussion - 20th anniversary announcement

    It could be just one arc. But that "one-shot" definitely left me smiling. Felt like the old Bleach. As long as Kubo can deliver on his pace, I don't think it'll be bad.
  4. CyberBlaziken

    Zelda games discussion

    I've barely played SS. Never got a Wii U because no titles interested me. Really looking forward to later today.
  5. CyberBlaziken

    Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Hardware - SOURCE ALL NEWS/RUMORS

    I mean, as much as I like the white dock and everything. It's literally the same as the 2018/19 version with a bigger, new screen and better speaker. I still have a Day 1 Switch, and the battery is ass. But I'm not buying a new console for 2 hours of extra battery. I guess with the chip...
  6. CyberBlaziken

    Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Hardware - SOURCE ALL NEWS/RUMORS

    Actually disappointing with the no hardware upgrades.
  7. CyberBlaziken

    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    Well it's been cleared thet CP-0 is here for Who's Who and not Robin. Anyway, Boss Jinbei shining.
  8. CyberBlaziken

    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    Me and a friend of mine have been discussing how the SH end up on Elbaf. Because right now, unless they have a huge reason to stop by, even if it Usopp's dream, nothing is happening at Elbaf. Unless it's literally on the course to Laugh Tale. I personally think she kidnaps O-Tama and that's how...
  9. CyberBlaziken

    Zelda games discussion

    I'm still hoping they do more to celebrate the anniversary and push some more remakes/remasters or ports. But other than that, it's gonna be a painful wait until they do a Direct with more info and gameplay about the BotW Sequel.
  10. CyberBlaziken

    E3 2021 Speculation/Discussion

    I'm actually surprised Zelda35 isn't being celebrated at all with more oomph. As much as people meme about Nintendo being ports, remasters and remakes a lot in the recent years, I actually wanted most of the more recent Zelda titles to be on the Switch. Or at least the Oracle Games. Big title...
  11. CyberBlaziken

    E3 2021 Speculation/Discussion

    I just want some more games to play this year on my Switch, that's all.
  12. CyberBlaziken

    E3 2021 Speculation/Discussion

    I personally think, given how Sony has distanced themself from E3 and their holds on their console exclusives, any FFVII Part 2 or FFXVI news would be saved for a State of Play. Which is probably sometime in the summer. Could be wrong. SE doesn't have any other IPs right now. Kingdom Hearts is...
  13. CyberBlaziken

    My Hero Academia

    I've really enjoyed the pacing of this season. Guessing will stop right after Endeavor Agency Arc.
  14. CyberBlaziken

    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    I honestly don't see a scenario where Straw Hats are victorious here. None of the crew are strong enough to take on Yonko-level pirates or their crews. Luffy certainly isn't strong enough, yet.
  15. CyberBlaziken

    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    I think I prefer Haki being the way to get stronger, rather than Luffy stacking more "Gear #" Until he gets his Awakening, but even that has to make sense.
  16. CyberBlaziken

    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    I think I'll wait for The Promised Neverland Brotherhood treatment. I don't even want to watch the last episode.
  17. CyberBlaziken

    What manga series are you reading as of now?

    That's Horimiya done, and honestly, I'll always feel left wanting more. There's so many things that were slightly touched up on and never fully explored.
  18. CyberBlaziken

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Daily Genshin Impact is a thing. Finally blitz'd through the SwSh DLC with Sword, essentially done after catching Keldeo last night. A bit of Dynamax Adventures here and there to farm ores. Haven't started the UB Adventures since I want to catch all the Legendaries you can get prior, so it...
  19. CyberBlaziken

    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    Is it just me, or is Female Luffy literally Pre-TS Nami with black hair and a scar?
  20. CyberBlaziken

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    Decided to get the DLC because I ran out of games to play and the announcement of the new games sparked an interest back into Pokemon. Just caught Terrakion, so that's about every Pokemon I could capture in the DLC for Sword, outside of trade evolutions, Shield exclusives, and the...