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    Locker Searches - Do they invade privacy rights?

    We were having a little discussion in my law classes about locker/bag searches and our privacy rights under the charter of rights and freedoms. What do you guys think? Do administration/police have the right to do random locker searches and are allowed to go through your stuff without...
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    Veronica Mars

    Just wondering who in this forum watches Veronica Mars. Actually in all honesty my whole family watches this show, and was very dissapointed when they decided to not continue with it. I think the show is brilliant beyond belief and definately my favourite show of all time. What do you guys...
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    Gym Leader Flora

    * So, after getting the R/S/E tiles I decided to make my gym leader actually have a gym! So here is my very new thing to do with sprites. I have never done this before, I only did it once with the GSC sprites, heck I don't even know if I am posting in the proper forum. When the imageshack...
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    Your worst dating experiences

    You know, come out with the stories, the truths that might make you cry or make some people laugh. It is your worst dating experiences of whatever kind: single, group, blind etc. I also searched the threads to see if there was a precreated thread that is still in existence. No, there is not...
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    » My Life As A Rocket «

    » My Life As A Rocket « TEAM ROCKET RULEZ --- * --- Rated PG-15; mild language. "This is my life, as a criminal. A criminal who can't leave. Doomed to the day until he turns of age, but by then I would be using a cane to walk and dentures to speak. I might as well be dead." --- *...
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    - The Lighthouse [One Shot] -

    LuciRuki presents: The Lighthouse Hi, it's me. After a long absence I am back with a smaller one shot piece. It is titled The Lighthouse, and hopefully I can get some feedback. I am an amateur writer so please take that into consideration. Thank you. Rated PG-13 ***If you can Rate it...
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    So Cute/ So Ugly -Pokemon- V2

    Since you guys revived a million year old thread, I just decided to make another one. What is, in your opinion some of the cutest pokemon you like? Also, some of the ugliest. You may use 4th generation pokemon now as well. For me: Cutest: Squirtle, Teddiursa, and Piplup. Each one of...
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    SPPF's Broadway Musical Club

    Following the "Your Favourite Broadway Musical" thread, here is the club! Welcome to the SPPF’s Broadway Musical club. This is the place where you post your favourite Broadway Musicals, talk about them and possibly learn about other musicals. Here you can ask questions about other musicals...
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    Ancient Relics, Ancient Secrets (A short-chaptered mystery)

    **Please if you can rate it, you can review it!**Rated PG-13 Welcome to my first Fan-Fic. I am an amateur, with absolutely no writing experience whatsoever. Thank you for clicking on this thread, and I hope you enjoy my story. I must say though, it has a very interesting plot, and a lot of...
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    Is Battle Frontier Too Hard?

    I had the game since it came out, and I still have'nt earn a silver symbol... Do you think that gamefreak went too far in the Battle Frontier making it just too hard? Plus 3 Regis? Legendaries? Too hard. I mean the trainers alone beat me... -Discuss -;386;
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    The RENThead Club

    Live in my club, I'll be your shelter, just pay me back, with 1,000 posts. Be a Member, and I'll cover You... Please read the Rules, and have lots of fun, And if you don't follow, you'll be banned to the sun...:p But please don't be scared, Cause I Care, I'll be there, and I'll Cover You...
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    Cutest, Ugliest Pokemon

    Just like the name says. What would be the cutest pokemon for you, and what would be the ugliest. Please do not SPAM, and do not flame if a person thinks that the pokemon you think is cute, is ugly. For me Dratini is pretty cute, while Weezing is very ugly... ~;386;
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    Save button in Battle...

    I hope in any game that there is a save button while you are battling a trainer. So then you can just shut it off, and resume it after. Sometimes i am stuck in a really long battle.... like running out of damaging attacks, and trying to waste growl or tail whip to use "struggle". There is...
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    Question- Post your pokemon questions here

    This thread is for anyone who has questions that want to be solved, and anyone could answer them. Q= I have always wondered, is Bugsy a girl or boy? I could never figure it out :p
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    Do you think Natures are Useless?

    I find no need for natures... they are just useless. Discuss.