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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Thanx for the advertisment Latios!
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Whats your favorite Water Starter Pokemon? Squrtle but now I like Totodile because I transfered it from my Ruby to my Diamond.
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Heres three new topics: How do you win your matchs with water pokemon? Do your water pokemon do contests and if they do, how do they win? Whats your water pokemon's signature move?
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Gold, you cann join.
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Sure both of you can join!
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Sure you can join!
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Hey paddster i can't post up the banner unless you give me the link. Post it up or send me it in a PM. Oh you can be the co-owner paddster!
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Sorry I was gone so late! Sure you can join! The more the merrier!
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    ~~The Water Pokemon Club~~

    Sorry I was gone so late! Sure you can join! The more the merrier!
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    Pokemon crater?

    I tried to go online but it only took me back to ask.com. ):
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    Hey! :D Read the rules and have a good time!
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    hi ^_^

    Look under the RPG's section!
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    Favorite Pokemon from each Generation

    1st: Squirtle 2nd: Pichu 3rd: Bagon 4th: BUIZEL!!!! (My all-time fav!)
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    Hey! :D Enjoy your time in the fourms!
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    Help with smiles

    How do you put them in a post? The only ones I know are: :D, :p
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    Sup! PM me if you need any help! K!
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    well hello.. i was wodering what ages are everyone here???

    I'm 12! But almost 13! :D Anyway welcome to serebii.net!!
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    Hey Terry! Im two years older than you! :D Like Oblivin said: Welcome to the maddness! And if you want to be friends sure! :D
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    I haven't had mine checked at all! Check sig please! Why can't I use pics in mine? I wanna use this banner someone made for me.
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    ~~The Pokemon Guessing Game~~

    Aright here are the rules: I will give you 3-5 hints. Whoever answers it right first gets a point. First one to 75 wins! *Note*: I maybe out sometimes. Also if anyone wants to be a co-host to the game send me a PM saying i want to be your co-host. The co-host will host the game while im...