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    Pokemon X and Y Manga Thread

    I've seen a lot of fans comparing X to Shinji and Y to Asuka. Not exactly in a positive way though.
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    PETA parody of BW2

    I believe they almost got in trouble for "Mario Kills Tanooki" but supposedly these are safe due to being parodies.
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    PETA parody of BW2

    I wonder if PETA will be sued for both spoilering the game and using their characters without consent. They've done this in the past though..
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    PETA parody of BW2

    PETA did a parody of BW2 recently. The gameplay isn't half bad actually. It's a mix of gameverse and animeverse, mostly gameverse though. A talking Pikachu escapes his trainer and goes around beating up humans. It has Cheren, Juniper, Ghetsis... Ash. Apparently we should beat up ten year...
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    Unofficial B2W2 Discovery Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Well that was a disappointing typo. For a few moments there I thought all the regions were in the game. Oh well.. I'm not too interested in this Tournament honestly, but they still sound fun. I like battling and all but it's not the reason I play the games. I wonder, do they have VS Banners?
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    Unofficial B2W2 Discovery Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I'm curious if the BW protagonist will talk.
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    Pokemon BW2: A New Legend

    Older Arata? He looks the same here as he does in the promo art. Is this manga connected to the last one by the mangaka?
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    How to buy the Chuang Yi Pokémon Adventures (and other Pokémon) manga

    Why not try off of the official site? I haven't used it but they probably ship internationally.
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    Pokemon BW2: A New Legend

    At least that's what I believe it's called. Maybe I'm wrong. I've heard it's come out but I can't find a thread for it here. I've seen one screencap circulating but that's about it.
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    Want Pokemon to continue in manga websites?

    An online only Pokemon? Sounds interesting.
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    Why did Misty change in EToP?

    Hm. It seems like all they did was give Ash and Brock outfit changes, but Misty did a 180. They could have left her design the same but change her clothes.
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    What personality changes do you like from the anime? Dislike?

    She had a personality. We could tell she was the total opposite of her game version. I don't like how the anime portrays Bianca. She's a female Barry. Note, this thread is about game-to-anime changes not anime character development.
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    What personality changes do you like from the anime? Dislike?

    I have issues with many of the personality changes. Elesa is one I'm not fond of at all. She's reserved and stoic in the games, but the very opposite in the anime. Also, I for one would have liked if Cilan was shy like in the games. It would have been interested to see how his personality...
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    Why did Misty change in EToP?

    Looking at ETOP, suddenly at the end of volume 2 (I believe) Misty's design changed. There's no reason given. All of a sudden she just pops up in her anime design, light hair and all. Was she censored? Or did they just want to make her look more like her anime version? But several other...
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    What manga would you like to see translated?

    Chuang Yi used to translate a lot of Pokemon manga but nowadays they only seems to release Special. Viz is even worse - they never release manga besides anime adaptations and Special. There are many HGSS and BW era manga that seem awesome; a few of them are even one-shot manga. There are...
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    Would you like the return of the music segment?

    "Who's That Pokemon?" returned out of nowhere. What about Pikachu's Jukebox, the Pokerap, or Karaokemon? I honestly haven't liked any of the songs that have been put out post-4kids but I'm curious what other fans think.
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    Will N get an Appearance in the Anime?

    I doubt it. We've missed most of the Plasma related events that were in BW. They could add him but I'd prefer if they gave him a new role.
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    What personality changes do you like from the anime? Dislike?

    The anime has a habit of changing personalities from the games. Most NPCs - gym leaders especially - aren't given in-depth characterization but we know enough to tell their personalities. Guys like Jasmine and Cilan were given complete turnarounds in the anime; those two in particular went...
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    How disappointed would you be if the Pokemon Anime ended?

    I've become very attached to the anime. If it ended back in Kanto I wouldn't have thought much, but it's been going on for so long and has been such a big part of my life. To see it someday disappear would be a tragedy.
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    Pocket Monsters Discussion Thread

    How old is Isamu supposed to be? Maybe it's just art evolution but in the recent scans I've seen he looks older.