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    Y tradethread of the mouse lady

    Y Tradethread of the mouse lady update~ My promisel If the pokemon I trade you is hacked I will return your original pokemon or trade you a different one and I will remove discovered hackies from my thread. Okay...since people seem to get confused, all my rules are here. Please stop ignoring...
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    Pokemon eggs

    Hey guys...has anyone else had this happen? Two eggs I hatched last night - The one on the right was shiny! The other a regular color.
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    Has anyone here caught shining pokemon on XD or Coliseum? I have four that are cloned to death; Careful Raikou Bold suicune Modest entei Jolly togetic And two that are completely uncloned; Serious suicune Modest Salamence I have always wanted to catch a shiny on Coliseum, I still...
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    Eon ticket

    I have a question. I have pokemon ruby, and the eon ticket scanned in. But now it won't let me go to the Southern Island? What did I do wrong? Do I need to go from Lilyport to Slateport through fairy first?
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    MC's Pokemon Art

    My fursona, Antigra the mewtwo based on me and my shining vaporeon on my Pearl, Vaati. Antigra and Vaati And an old RP character of mine, a mew/vaporeon hybred. Krystal