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    My future Soul Silver shiny team

    Hi. This is my future in-game Soul Silver shiny team. I've spent a lot of time breeding for these guys, so please tell me what you think. (Please don't tell me to change their natures - that's kind of impossible) Here we go... Shiny Feraligatr Hasty nature 252speed/252att/6hp...
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    Shiny Moltres

    Just a little drawing I did of one of my favourite shinies, Moltres. Shiny Moltres (and Moltres in general) reminds me of Suzaku from Fushigi Yuugi for some reason (I guess because they're both fire birds...)
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    'Pokemon.co.uk' seems to be working again...

    Usually when you type in Pokemon.co.uk into the search bar, nothing happens. However I just looked it up again and it redirected me to this site: http://pokemon.nintendo.co.uk/enGB/ Notice that huge sign up there asking "Who is Darkrai?" Surely this must mean that there's going to...
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    Mysterious new Pokemon on the loose... Darkrai event?

    Has anyone looked at the news section of Nintendo.co.uk lately? Someone on GameFAQ's pointed out this little piece of news: http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/news/2007/mysterious_new_pokmon_on_the_loose__7331.html Do I smell a UK Darkrai event? I sure hope so!
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    This may be a bit off-topic...

    But I wasn't sure where else to put it. I wanted to express my annoyance at something I saw on MiniTokyo.net (a sort of Anime art gallery site where you can post scans). First let me say that MiniTokyo's galleries are divided into several sections; male scans, female scans, group-shot...
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    Original art

    I'm not really sure if I can post original art here... since in a way, it could be considered advertising. But I wanted to see what people thought of some of the creatures from my book I've written, so I've decided to post a few drawings of them here. OK, here we go. ^-^ This is...
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    My battle frontier team

    Does anyone feel like rating my current battle frontier team? I've been doing pretty well so far. I've got all the silver symbols except one (in the battle tower, I think). I especially need some help with items, since I have no idea what to give them. OK, here we go: Smeargle...
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    My shiny Pokemon

    Here's a little drawing I did of my two shiny Pokemon, Clefable and Latios: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/Heliotrope1987/MyshinyPokemon.jpg I hope you guys like it. ^_^
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    My Pokemon team ^_^

    I decided to draw some pictures of each of the Pokemon on my "favourites" team. Here we go! Mr. Crystal Penguin (Mr. CP) - the Jolly male Delibird: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/Heliotrope1987/Anime%20Pictures/Mr.jpg Nuriko - the Modest male Gardevoir...
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    Baton Passing Smeargle

    I was just wondering, how do I get Baton Pass onto Smeargle? I'm raising a Timid Smeargle, hopefully with the move set Spore, Baton pass, Agility & Belly drum. So far I only have Spore, but I'm having trouble getting Baton pass. Every time I try and have my Smeargle use Sketch on my...
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    I just looked on Amazon.co.uk...

    And you can pre-order D/P. It says it's out on the 30th March, BEFORE the American version. O_o http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nintendo-Pok%C3%A9mon-Pearl-DS/dp/B000MJB1WU/sr=8-1/qid=1172151498/ref=pd_ka_1/203-1276197-4354335?ie=UTF8&s=videogames
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    Helen's Fafner fanart!

    I can put fanart from other Animes here, can't I? ^^; Fafner is my favourite Anime at the moment. I don't know if there are any other Fafner fans here, but if there are you can probably tell from my sig picture that I'm a KazuSou fangirl. Thus here are some of my drawings of my favourite...
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    Anyone wanna rate my future team?

    This was just my idea for a possible team. What do you guys think of it? Zapdos @Apicot berry Timid nature 96 HP; 96 Def; 152 Spd; 164 SAtk Thunderbolt Substitute Agility Baton pass Milotic @Leftovers Bold nature 212 def; 252 HP; 44 SAtk Surf Ice beam Rest Sleep talk...
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    Is this a good battle tower team?

    I was thinking of taking on the battle tower in Emerald/Ruby or Sapphire, and I was wondering what you guys think of my prospective team. Zapdos Timid nature 96 HP; 96 Def; 152 Spd; 164 SAtk Thunderbolt Substitute Agility Baton pass Aerodactyl Adamant nature 252 att; 144 hp; 112...
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    Rate my future D/P team

    Umbreon Impish 252 hp; 176 def; 80 sdef Baton pass Toxic Curse Wish Dragonite Adamant Not sure what EV's to give. Suggestions? Dragon claw Fire/Thunder punch Earthquake/Aerial ace Dragon dance Swampert Adamant 252 att; 252 hp; 6 sdef Earthquake Ice punch Waterfall...
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    What do you think of this Lugia?

    2 year old thread gets bumped >> /Closedand Infraction for Jaguar297 - Willow I'm currently in the process of acquiring a Lugia from Navel Rock; do you think this would be a good set-up for it? Lugia Bold nature 252 hp; 252 def; 6 spe Psychic Something/Aeroblast (for D/P) Calm mind...
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    A glitch?

    I'd just saved in the Pokemon centre before you enter Victory Road, when I realised I hadn't got my super rod yet. So I flew off to Moss Deep city, got the rod, and was preparing to fly back to Evergrand city (I think that's its name), and I noticed that I could already select the Pokemon...
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    I'm planning on trying to get Ho-oh later on today, so I wanted someone to answer a few questions for me. 1: Do you have to complete the battle mountain in one go, or could you, for example, save in the break room and then continue at a later time? (because I know you can do this when trying...
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    Fanart! ^-^

    I've decided to post some of my fanart. Only a couple at the moment, but I hope to have more soon. ^_^ I was digging through my chest of draws and found lots of old Digimon art I'd done, so here's a pic of my favourite Digimon, Wormmon, and his Digimental of kindness evolution, Pucchiemon...
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    Johto starters

    In the guide (on this website) it says that to get a Johto starter I have to beat Mt.Battle. I was wondering if anyone could be a little more specific? Do I have to complete it in one go (without saving and quitting)? Am I allowed to change Pokemon, or swap around the order of the Pokemon...