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  1. ~Silver Aura~

    Circumstances (Diodeshipping PG-13)

    Okay...when was the last time I posted here? *Nervous laughter* Anyway, I'm gonna give this fanfic thing another shot. This will be a Diodeshipping fanfic. (AshxClemont) I've posted this story on FF.net (ShiningAura) AO3 (ShiningAura) and Wattpad. (EpicAshFan) about a year ago and now I'm...
  2. ~Silver Aura~

    PMD: Night of the Red Moon PG-13 *rewritten*

    Let's try this again. I tried posting something here before, but my grammer and description skills we're well a little weak to put it mildly. lol I'm still only learning but If you look at the chapter I submitted here a couple of years ago, and compare it with this one I'm sure you'll find at...
  3. ~Silver Aura~

    A Snivy Pic

    Pikagirl's Art Haven't posted here in a good while. In fact not since 2006. Anyway here's a picture of a female Snivy I drew for a comic I'm working on. http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f269/ashmyangel/?action=view&current=Snivypic.png I drew this freehand on paint. Shading is a weak...
  4. ~Silver Aura~

    User profile was not loaded correctly.

    I've been having a troublesome problem with my comp for a couple of days now. when I log on it take awhile to start up saying "Preparing Desktop" When it finally starts up it looks almost factory reset. (Sims 3 and AVG are still there) Then a message pops up saying "User profile was...
  5. ~Silver Aura~

    PMD2:Night of the Red Moon PG-13

    I've already uploaded 3 chapters on FF.net but I've decided to have a go submitting it here. I've spell checked it but if you see any problems just let me know what I need to fix This is my first pokemon fanfic so I'm kind of in unknown territory for the moment lol. Ok enough with the boring...
  6. ~Silver Aura~

    Wifi USB connector problem

    Well My USB connector used to work just fine despite a few connection hiccups but I tried to use it just now to put a pokemon on GTS to get a Sheildon the little green light flashes like normal for about five seconds but then stops and I try to click on Run Wifi USB connector but it doesn't even...
  7. ~Silver Aura~

    My New Vid

    Take a look at my new vid I'm very pleased with how it came out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vfKfsdhJ2M
  8. ~Silver Aura~

    My Robotboy picture

    I thorght I'd show you guys my latest pic It's based on one of my friends crossover idea http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f269/ashmyangel/stormy.jpg
  9. ~Silver Aura~

    Digital camera USB help

    I'm having trouble with the digital camera USB (the wire that connects the camera to the computer) The folder doesn't appear a new software wizard came up and I did everything but it didn't work and now nothing happens at all. help.
  10. ~Silver Aura~

    My videos

    thorght I'd show you guys my vids (with images cus i don't have episodes yet) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg4QeXnjCqY -This vid is dedicated to all My fave charecters in my fave shows. I'm pretty proud of this one hope you enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R2DQ6gi41A - My...
  11. ~Silver Aura~

    Happy birthday (robotboy fic rated G)

    This is my very very first fanfic so be kind I know the title is a little corny I’ll try and think of a better one. Oh and I do not own Robotboy. It's Tommy's birthday and everyone is setting a surprise party for him. It was a warm day outside Tommy Turnball’s parents were putting...
  12. ~Silver Aura~

    chimecho hellllp

    i've been looking alover mount pyte (summit) but i can't find it all i find are shuppets and duskulls do i have to wait for a swarm or somthing please help cus i really really REALLY want a chimecho if there's already a topic like this many apoligies and just give me the link thanks
  13. ~Silver Aura~

    the ash and pikachu club approved by Psiumbreon

    yay my first club this is the ash and pikachu club if you love the bond between ash and pikachu then go ahead and join. first to ask to be co-owner is co-owner oops forgot the rules lol no bashing this is an ash and pikachu club no like don't join no flaming and the forum...
  14. ~Silver Aura~

    hellllllooooo i'm new

    hi i'm pikagirl or pika for short i'm new here this is the first ever forum i joined so be paitaint with me ok anyway i love pikachu and ash i hope we can be friends.