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    NVM my PM; you seem busy..

    NVM my PM; you seem busy..
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Ability: Mirror Description: The user makes illusions to reverse the foe's trait. Affect: Reverses the affect of the foe's special ability. Examples: Intimidate/Dark Thoughts give the user +1Atk/Sp.A repectively. Wonder Guard is hit only by none-super effective attack. Trace is nullified. Clear...
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Create your own trainer: Name: Hannah Raven Home Town: Solaceon Town Relations with other characters: The granddaughter of the Day Care couple and sister of the new paper guy. Likes/Dislikes: Likes cute and tough Pokemon, but dislikes Pokemon who are very strong. Status: Intermediate-going...
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Version Update -item- Only works for Porygon X *Porygon 2's other evo/side/branch evo* Effect: Doubles Porygon X's Sp.A and Spe..here's P-X's max stats BTW: HP: 405 Atk: 240 Def: 306 Sp.A: 244 Sp.Def: 350 Spe: 234
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Ability: Risky Absorb Effect: When the user uses an Absorbing move, it has a 50/50 chance of either sucking all damage or quarter damage. Available to: Crobat, Victreebel and Tangrowth.
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    Breeding Question

    No, moves, IVs, and nature are passed down not items.
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    ~Move ~Name: Sonic Slash ~Category: Special ~Power: xxx ~Accuracy: xxx ~PP: 5 Power= (User's level +foe's level)/2 Accuracy= (User's level - foe's level)+100 (if +100 it becomes like Aura Sphere).
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    lol Thanks, though losing the awesome Clear Body, isn't the best thing either :P. Anyway, Create your own Pokemon: Name: Modlegar (Moderating-legged-guard) Type: Bug/Steel Ability: Heat Endurance (the power of the fire attack used by either the user or foe is cut to 0.25) Hight: 70cm...
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Wow...making Agility Metagross even more appealing :P.
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Power Absorb Type: Normal Power: --- Accuracy: 95 PP: 95 Affect: The user takes takes 0% damage if the foe hits it with an attack that has the same type of the user's type or one of them. It also has a 95% chance that'll boost the user's STAB moves by 2.25.
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    So Many Eggs...@_@

    If I have extra eggs. I just hatch them..and delete them if they're not good..I usually breed at first like 18, the get 3 IV battles..then continue breeding ..etc.
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    Move: Name: Triple-Seed Type: Grass Category: Other Power: --- Accuracy: 62 Affect: If the move hits, the foe is Leech Seeded, Giga Drained (as in attack and HP recover). As well as, Worry Seeded. PP: 5 Only known by: Some grass Pokemon like Exeggutor and Breloom.
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    Hello good 'ol pal Eszett :)! How are you? I just finished my final exams today (3rd of June)...

    Hello good 'ol pal Eszett :)! How are you? I just finished my final exams today (3rd of June) and will hopefully continue my breeding projects (most recent ones are Nincadas and HP Ice/Ground Yanma).
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    What do you do most on your D/P?

    I'm currently doing breeding projects (good IVed and Hidden Powered Pokemon). Some of the bred Pokemon for me and some are for my hopefully soon shop in Smogon. I'm currently breeding Nincada (31/31 Atk/Spe and good HP/defenses and Yanma (31/31/31 Sp.Atk/Sp.Def/Spe HP Ice), but I do other things...
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    Ever found a trainer with your name?

    Nah... I don't think Game Freak will ever consider an Arabic name..(not that I know of anyway)..and my name is (Salman) for their game, unless they want to! (lol)
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    Are you going to import Platinum?

    No, because I can't understand Japanese..and I'll wait.
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    If there was one Move Tutor move you wanted in Platinum...

    Thunder Punch on SDLuke doesn't do much, because Gyarados is nearly KOed-OHKOed-surely KOed with SR using Stone Edge and Ice Punch is good for dragons. So giving Lucario the punches, would not make it ultra-strong, just another way to slay dragons (besides Stone Edge/HP Ice/Dragon Pulse). As...
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    I'm good, thank you, how are you?

    I'm good, thank you, how are you?
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    ho is best phisical wall?

    No, wall is used for both Physical and Special. Also, unless you're kidding (probably) Bastiodon is not a physical wall..since it's pretty much like Aggron ( X4 weak to Fight and Ground).
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    Pokemon Haters in Real Life

    They can shout "Pikaaaachuuu" all day like I care...it's just that it's annoying.