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  1. DreamSayer

    Government System in Pokémon Fanfics

    As we all know, Gamefreak has made the concept of a ruling body in Pokémon game regions pretty vague and somewhat nonexistent, which somewhat makes the Pokémon League the default form of government. That can be problematic when you think things realistically because The league being in charge...
  2. DreamSayer

    Overthinking During Planning Phases

    So, I know most people would prefer to plan out most of their stories beforeand or during writing their literary works. However, I know first hand that spending too much time on the planning phase can end up siphoning all the motivation you had for even writing to begin with. You start to...
  3. DreamSayer

    How Much Should One Invest on a Scene

    I've always wondered, how much time should one really invest in a single scene when they're writing a chapter, a one shot or anything? In some places, I see people claiming to have been stuck on a scene for weeks, others will choose to make most of their scenes broad and lengthy, while some make...
  4. DreamSayer

    A Mew Me: Reborn

    Chapter Index Chapter 1: Daybreak Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. But tomorrow doesn't exist, because we only live in the now. So, that means every day is a gift. That's what she used to tell me when I was little… ***A*** A shop cashier hummed to...
  5. DreamSayer

    The Reunion [Yuletide is 2017]

    Hello everyone! This was my contribution to this year's Yuletide contest, and was written for Kutie Pie. Kutie Pie, I hope you enjoy reading this short tale. The prompt I chose - Theme: The bonds of true fellowship is unbreakable. And the characters being The Team Rocket Trio “I’m...
  6. DreamSayer

    Loot From Labyrinth/Dungeon Poké

    Loot From Labyrinth/Dungeon Poké So, I've been having this idea floating around on my mind that when a Mystery Dungeon dwelling Pokémon is killed, their bodies disappear but they drop some kind of loot after they die, like a video game, which can then be collected and used by Explorers. I'm...
  7. DreamSayer

    PMD: Odyssey to Dawn

    Hello, this is the first chapter of the re-written iteration of my story. I'm posting the first two chapters as a sort of trial run to gains some early reception. More chapters are sure to come in the future, For now, you have these to enjoy! Here's the link to the old version...
  8. DreamSayer

    PMD: Odyssey to Dawn

    CHAPTER INDEX Chapter 1: Prepare for Dawn Chapter 2: Crawl a Dungeon Chapter 3: The Darkness of The Dungeon; Kalledes Chapter 4: Farewell Chapter 5: The Burning Forest Chapter 6: The Storm is Coming Chapter 7: Blue Swarm Chapter 1: Prepare for Dawn By the grace of the divines and the brave...
  9. DreamSayer

    A Mew Me

    Chapters Chapter 1: Tragedy Chapter 2: Different Chapter 3: Taking Flight Chapter 4: Reunion `poke speech,` "normal human speech" thoughts ~telepathy~ Chapter 01- Tragedy A single mother was preparing food in the kitchen, humming a tune as she gently chopped the carrots on the cutting...