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  1. Beat!

    Upcoming Manga release thread

    I don't know about getting arcs for both BDSP and LA. The remake doesn't add anything new like past ones did so a just BDSP arc seems pointless. Not to mention that two new arcs brings some problems to the table. (Ending SWSH prematurely, consuming to much time that could be employed improving...
  2. Beat!

    November Plot Discussion

    I read somewhere that the third silhouette is Sonia. Makes sense.
  3. Beat!

    October 1st: PM2019 082 - Mawhip's Super Sweet Battle?!

    So what's up with these brakes the anime is having lately? Is it COVID related?
  4. Beat!

    Pokespe future arc speculation thread: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl/Legends: Arceus

    I could see Kusaka merging BDSP and LA, since BDSP includes barely any new content. Perhaps Dialga sends the trio back in time for some strange reason or something like that.
  5. Beat!

    Volume 59 Discussion

    How Mewtwo arrived to the Pokémon Village (Perhaps a small reference to Sird... although i'm pretty sure Kusaka forgot about her already). And maybe expand on Greninja having Battle Bond as it's ability. Maybe show X's Mega Successor ceremony, too. Thinking about the remaining 14 chapters, the...
  6. Beat!

    Volume 59 Discussion

    Right, if they follow last year's schedule then Volume 61 should release in November. Hopefully they expand the story a little bit towards the end. After all they have to explain some stuff that was left inconclusive in the original magazine run.
  7. Beat!

    July Plot Discussion

    Looking forward to this volume. All past ones had at least one chapter not found in the first release (Mind you, we already knew those back from Pokemon Fan). After all, if they don't want to fall in sales, they need to give people something new here and there and not make these volumes a...
  8. Beat!

    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    If i'm not mistaken this has been done before. Don't really remember which volume though.
  9. Beat!

    Pokespe future arc speculation thread: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl/Legends: Arceus

    If it's not included in BDSP like Mega Evolution was in ORAS, then i don't see it being mentioned. Even in the games, Dynamax and Gigantamax are a result of Eternatus's energy leaked all over Galar. They can always blame Eternatus if it's available in Sinnoh.
  10. Beat!

    Pokespe future arc speculation thread: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl/Legends: Arceus

    It will be interesting to see what PokeSpe do regarding a BDSP chapter, if these games do turn out to be a 1:1 remake without exclusive content. Past remake chapters focused on added content that wasn't in the original games: FRLG: Sevii Islands HGSS: Poketlon ORAS: Delta Chapter I guess they...
  11. Beat!

    January Plot Discussion

    Whoa, creepy Opal. So Alister it's the mayor league gym leader. I wonder how long till we see Bea. I have a feeling that Gordie will be the gym leader for Circhester.
  12. Beat!

    January Plot Discussion

    Oh that's right. They should reach Stow-on-Side this month. I wonder who's going to be the minor league gym leader.
  13. Beat!

    Old Characters in PM2019

    Was this confirmed in an interview or something?
  14. Beat!

    Volume 56 Discussion

    It includes chapters 553 to 559. The last one is the one where X fights Sycamore in Lumiose while Y and the rest of the gang are with Lysandre. And there seems to be a little bit of re-organizing in the very first chapter.
  15. Beat!

    October Plot Discussion

    What is left of Kanga and Lil' Kanga should be in the backcover (Just like Volume 55 had Pyroar) I gotta say, i really like these new kind of covers. The old kind could be exclusive to the smaller volumes.
  16. Beat!

    October Plot Discussion

    At the very least volume 57 will be released before the end of the year. Unless they decide to repeat the Volumes 45 to 47 situation.
  17. Beat!

    September Plot Discussion

    So she has been using only Scorbunny/Raboot so far. At least this time they showed a quick scene of her battle. Maybe the third gym will focus on her.
  18. Beat!

    Volumes 54 and 55 Discussion

    Yes he did. A small one.
  19. Beat!

    Volumes 54 and 55 Discussion

    The ending of B2W2 sure makes things exciting for SM-USUM. Could that chapter serve as a Gen 4-Gen 7 reunion? All of these Gens are linked there: The ending of USUM implies that Moon is related to Platinum (Gen 4 link) "Colress" heading to Alola (Gen 5 link) Sino and Dexia collecting Zygarde...
  20. Beat!

    August Plot Discussion

    That was fast! Both Grookey's evolution and Soudo's challenging Nessa.