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  1. Z

    Looking for a decent gaming PC

    Alright, to start off cause I know even after I say it someone will still probably recommend it. I realize building a PC yourself is cheaper, it's basically always the answer people get when they ask about computers. I know it already but that's not what I'm asking. For me I don't want to build...
  2. Z

    Little Devil Inside - Kickstarter

    While on reddit the other day I stumbled upon someone linking to this kickstarter. The reason why they posted it is because they recently added a stretch goal to put this game to the Wii U. The game it's self looks beautiful with a similar art style of Wind Waker(in fact the developers mentions...
  3. Z

    Gamestop trouble

    This is kind more of a rant, especially near the end. So sorry for the long wall of text. I've had a rather confusing morning today. I finally decided to preorder Super Smash Bros for the Wii U along with the special edition GameCube Controller and Adapter for Wii U(not the bundle deal)...
  4. Z

    First Trick Room Team!

    Hello everyone. Let's start off on what rule set this team is following. I'll mainly be using this team on Battle Spot Doubles, as well as the upcoming Wi-Fi competitions released by Nintendo. This is my first Trick Room team, I've made one in the past on Black 2. It was more of a Semi-Trick...
  5. Z

    StockLax Doubles

    This is for Double Battles on Battle Spot. I'm making because Snorlax is my favorite Pokemon and that I wanted to form a team around it in Gen VI. I've made the usual Curse set in the past, however without proper support it get's beaten by the popularity of Fighting-types. Near the end of Gen...
  6. Z

    SD card issue

    I just got a brand new laptop today, I got everything set up how I want it, etc. I turn on my 3DS but remembered I should backup my SD card on my new laptop. I put it in and it pulls up. I copied the files and moved them to my Desktop then when it started copying the files it wouldn't do...
  7. Z

    Playing with Sand (VGC)

    This is my VGC Sandstorm team, I'll probably experiment a little when Gen VI Pokemon come around. See which one's work better can't wait :) I also have some extra Pokemon that I've found. So I'm open to replacing any of these for them or even giving suggestions for different Pokemon that would...
  8. Z

    My Sandstorm Team (OU)

    This is the first time I'm doing competitive battling officially anyways. I tried to get into it during D/P era when Wi-Fi was introduced. Breeding and Ev training was simple however I never spent the time to form a proper team that could properly counter it's weaknesses, or worked well together...
  9. Z

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    The Pokemon world is always growing with each passing generation. We currently have 649 different pokemon to see an catch. That number continues to grow with Gen VI just around the corning. With so many different pokemon people have their favorites. The all important question in this thread...
  10. Z

    Rate my Black 2 Team

    This is a team I'm going to be breeding for in-game not competitive. I'm open to suggestions on Natures, EV's, and Moves were it's needed. I currently haven't planned on what items I want them to hold so any suggestions for that too would be appreciated. :604:Eelektross Nature: Adamant EV's...