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    Punishment and Validity

    Punishments are given when a rule is disobeyed. On this forum, it's usually bans. In Sweden, it can be loss of money or being in jail (free food). There are two main reasons for punishments (I call them main because they are the only two I can think of and don't want to call them only because...
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    Free will

    Free will is defined as being able to choose, making decisions without external influence. The best explanation of a decision that I've been able to find is: It's from the wikipedia article about decision making, meaning that it explain the process of making a decision rather than a...
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    Although there is already a thread about this, I'm creating a new one, because the old one is from 2009. Wiktionary defines moral as: Moral is a word that I've read a lot in the debates, mostly in the context that it's morally wrong. No one seem to be able to answer why those things are...