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    D.Gray-man anyone?

    Ahem, as you can see in my signature, I have fallen for the greatness which is D.Gray-man. Indeed there was a previous thread in the manga section, but it's pretty old. Unfortunately, I suck at summarising things...but I'll take a shot. D.Gray-man is a manga, and now an anime, by Hoshino...
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    It's good to shut up sometimes. [Respectshipping. PG13]

    Hello again~! Ms "The only RS fic poster" here. ...Ahem, ignore that. Anyways, yes. ANOTHER respectshipping fanfic by ME. This time, instead of a Two/One-shot, it is going to actually have CHAPTERS. O_O So, without any other irrelevent stuff, let's get it on...
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    8 Simple rules for dating my Wannabe Pokemon Master. [Respectshipping. PG-13]

    Yes. My 2nd fanfiction. Since my other RS fic was a...success, being the only Respectshipping fanfic to be on SPPF, I've decided to post another one, this time...a more recent one. NOTE: It isn't fully completed yet, but it's pretty long so, it could be a Two-shot or something...when someone...
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    More than a Friend. PG [Shuu/Drew x Satoshi/Ash] One-shot.

    Umm, okay. I was told to post my RS fanfiction here...so, yeah. Anyways, this is my first Respectshipping fanfic. Twas written ages ago. I guess, I'm just trying to spread the love. o.o Note, this is my first fanfiction actually posted onto a forum. I feel kinda awkward so, try to go easy on...
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    The 'Everything is LOVE' request shop ^^

    Hoshika's Everything is LOVE request shop~! Yes. Welcome to the Everything is LOVE request shop. I hope you enjoy what we have install for you. REQUESTS: Open...and it'll stay that way xD. Waiting list None at the moment..hehe...>___> I specialise in... Avatars (Non-animated)...