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    Best Type

    Who do you think is the best type. Give 3 reasons why. I think dragon: 1 Most look awesome 2 Most are strong 3 Some can learn a big heap of moves live Goodra
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    Who is the hardest to beat in pokemon shuffle?

    I am up to M Mawile but I can't beat him. Any tips?
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    Pokemon Legacy- Ancient Powers of Kyogre and Groudon

    Rules: Post a profile of your character No double posting Serebii rules No spamming or swearing You can be two characters No killing unless Someone else has to be Kyogre I will be Groudon and Hydreigon Groudon: Dex number: 383 Types: Ground Mega/Primal: Yes Types for primal...
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    Goodra Power's Trade Shop

    Welcome to Goodra Power's Trade Shop Rules: All of the forum rules apply You can only ask for 3 Pokemon per week per user I don't want a magikarp I make three offers every week Be patient I restock on some Pokemon I want: Zangoose Arceus Celebi Meloetta Manaphy Keldeo HA...
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    Charizard and Hydreigion #friends smilie fanfic

    ;006; I am famous! :635: Shut up you are not famous. :531: Why be so dumb. ;380; I am the wise Pokemon. ;006; Who gives a crap. :635: This time I agree with ;006;