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    new battle frontier team- "Skarmstarcham"!

    hi, i'm looking for some ratings for my 1st real battle frontier team. any constructive crit, or ideas would be great, thanks! ^^ impish @ leftovers -spikes -drill peck -rest -whirlwind hasty, with natural cure @ leftovers -thunderbolt -ice beam -surf -recover/psychic...
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    my first chao's!

    i'm new to spriting, and i just thought i'd have a go at doing chao's, so here they are! vulpix, teddiursa, pachirisu and weavile! any constructive critisism/advice/tips to improve them would be appreciated! thanks. :)
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    umbreon moveset help

    hi, looking for suggestions as to a good attacker moveset for my umbreon in emerald. here's what it has just now: Umbreon@ amulet coin trait: synchronize nature: calm moves: iron tail faint attack quick attack/ moonlight? confuse ray. any ideas would be...
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    post count/rank?

    how do you find out what your post count is? does it actually tell you somewhere or does your little rank picture just change randomly and that's how you know? thanks.
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    Light ball??

    hi, does anyone know a good place where you can find pikachu's in the wild in emerald with a light ball as the held item? really looking for 1 coz heard you could breed them to get pichu with volt tackle, but must have light ball attatched. any ideas?