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  1. Misaki-chi

    Competitive Single Rates v. 4

    Old one was way too cluttered. It was getting absolutely ridiculous. LETS START AGAIN + make it not crap. ^_^ This thread is very self-explanatory: instead of posting a thread just for one or two movesets, which will be most likely infracted and definitely closed, ask for help here. However...
  2. Misaki-chi

    Ask a Question Thread! v. 2 + Team Resources

    As the old one was just about to hit 500 posts, several of us realised that it has become way too congested. Gogogogo. "Ask a Question" Thread Rules: Ask a simple question about 4th Generation Competitive Play ONLY. That means: - No asking where to find sprites. - No asking what level a...
  3. Misaki-chi

    ~Platinum Terminology Translation Guide (Attacks, Names, Natures, Types, Items...)~!

    ~Platinum Terminology Translation Guides~ Written by Misaki-chi~ Information from Bulbapedia, Pokewiki [German and Japanese versions], Serebii.net, random Google Image Searches, and own knowledge of Japanese Help from the following people: Whorl from #SPP Okie ^__^;;; I've been working for a...