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  1. Sceptile Master

    Is discussing Nintendo WFC replacements legitimate on the site/chats?

    Give me an infraction if i'm being a naughty little forum user here. But for the meantime: We all [should] know Rule #1 of the site/forums is: "1. Don't ask for or provide illegal content, discuss cheating devices or cheat codes This includes episode downloads, Gameshark, Action Replay, ROMs...
  2. Sceptile Master

    Yo-kai Watch General

    Searched "Yo-kai Watch" and nothing came up, so don't hurt me pls. Yo-kai Watch General This is a thread for discussing nearly anything Yo-kai Watch. Try to keep it at least semi-game related (i.e. no strictly talking about the anime, unless it's something like saying how it deviates from, the...
  3. Sceptile Master

    How do you keep track of your backlog?

    Well, how do you keep track of your backlog/whatever you kids wanna call it these days? Technically, I don't. Not externally, anyway. I did it by memory for a while, just mainly watching what I could whenever I could. I did some occasional posting on here for currently watching/just finished...
  4. Sceptile Master

    Do you still regularly watch the anime? (If not, why?)

    (Aight, I may have just had a drink and haven't been on here in years, so I hope I'm posting this in accordance with the rules and everything.) Disclaimer: Minus like 2 episodes maybe of DP and non-dubbed episodes, I've only watched the [English] dub. Well, title says most of it all. Do you...
  5. Sceptile Master

    Moving files in folders (Win 8.1)

    I know by the title of the thread, you're probably thinking How could anyone have problems moving files in a folder? Rest assured that's not exactly what I mean, but yet I still can't exactly figure this out. I feel like it might have something to do with the folder options, but I dunno. I'm...
  6. Sceptile Master

    Spotting bootleg Pokemon merchandise today

    I do not condone bootleg merchandise, especially Pokemon. It's even worse when people try to disguise a listing online as the real thing only to ship a bootleg, and I hope I never have to go through that. (If this is the wrong section of SPPF please move.) I've seen various funny pictures...
  7. Sceptile Master

    My desktop icons keep on reorganizing themselves?

    So um... yeah. Title says all really. No matter how I organize them, whenever I turn my PC back on it the icons end up going in this sort of formation: http://oi42.*******.com/n6x3bq.jpg As you can tell i really need to clean it up too though lol Why is this happening? I have Windows...
  8. Sceptile Master


    "WataMote" "No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!" From Wikipedia: Having been well-versed in the world of otome games, fifteen-year-old Tomoko Kuroki believes herself to be popular. However, upon entering high school, she discovers this is far from the truth as...
  9. Sceptile Master

    Special/Adventures Black and White release differences? (Eng;Viz)

  10. Sceptile Master

    Drawing Tablet Reccomendations?

    Should I get an Adesso CyberTablet Z8, Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen (CTH470), or a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet for drawing digitally? The Adesso tablet is about $30 cheaper for where I can get it from but I've heard people have had customer service issues with them, and issues with some of their...
  11. Sceptile Master

    The Never-Ending Cheat v.???

    The Never-Ending Cheat v.??? A while ago in the Games section here there was a game called "The Never-Ending Cheat". I'd like to bring that back with this thread. Rules are simple. I'll start off with a part of a sentence, and the next poster will continue. The cheat may be as crazy as...
  12. Sceptile Master

    Cyclng Road Records

    Just a thread to post your Cycling Road records. Mine is 9.18 seconds (on Emerald) with 0 collisions.
  13. Sceptile Master

    Music Loop error on Route 113?

    I've had two copies of Pokemon Emerald in my life (the first one gone now...), and while playing my second copy, I notice that sometimes, there is an error in the looping music on Route 113 (the route with the ashy grass).I'm not sure how to explain it, or if I'm even naming the instrument...
  14. Sceptile Master

    Pokemon Movies: BD vs DVD

    I was wondering if anyone had some non-compressed screenshots to compare the quality of Miramax's BD releases of the Pokemon movies, to the dvd ones. I want to get the bluray ones for the bundling, quality and longer life, but they don't include the Pikachu shorts, so I'm stuck. Or if anyone...
  15. Sceptile Master

    What is the LOWEST chain you had encountering a shiny?

    (Delete/lock if this is too similar a topic to the Pokeradar thread.) Well, title says all. What is the lowest chain you've had while encountering a shiny Pokemon using the Pokeradar? Me personally, I had an encounter with a Shiny Staravia in the Trophy Garden during a chain of only 9...
  16. Sceptile Master

    Will the NA market get Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure?

    I'm kinda leaning towards no, to be honest... I'd love for it to be released here personally, but I kinda doubt it... If I decided to import it, there wouldn't be any issues since DS games are region free, right?
  17. Sceptile Master

    Replacng DS lite case

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud6GWZOcWLo&feature=plcp I have detailed my problem in this video. It involves the interlocking pieces on the top lid not fitting together because they're bent downwards a bit, some. Help?
  18. Sceptile Master

    Copying PS3 saves to other PS3s (SAVES, not games)

    I've looked at a bunch of instructions and attempted it myself many different ways, but I can't seem to copy my save of Disgaea 4 which I started on my boyfriend's PS3 to my own. I got my own copy of it today in the mail only to find this out. I'm not sure if it's my flash drive, protection, or...
  19. Sceptile Master

    Hetalia volume 3 in English will be released.

    Source: http://www.rightstuf.com/rssite/main/news/individual/?ForumThreadName=FT0000003772&ReturnTo=Main I do have the first two volumes that Tokyopop did publish, so I'm curious as to how the reprints will be (minus the lack of color pages, if I read the article correctly), and it seems it...
  20. Sceptile Master

    How to get best VCR quality?

    A while ago when I had my VCR (I'll be getting a new one soon hopefully), and I was trying to record some channels (I have no DVR before anyone asks), I noticed whenever my VCR was hooked up to the channels. they would take a massive drop in quality. There was no noticeable audio difference, but...