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    Hi, I need a bit of help. I want to make a point n' click adventure game in Flash. (think Monkey Island) But I don't know what actionscript actions I need to learn about and use. If someone could point me in the direction of a good tutorial or tell me some basics I should know, it would be...
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    Levels you wish were in SSBM

    What levels do you wish were put into SSBM that weren't? Mine for one, is Hyule Castel stage from SSB on N64... What are yours?
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    What Types Should A Good Competitive Team Have?

    Sorry if in wrong spot, I figured that since this was about competitive battling, it should go here. I'm trying to make a team, but I don't know what types to cover... I was thinking something like this: 1. Water 2. Fire 3. Grass 4. Fighting 5. Ghost/Psychic 6. Ground But i'm not sure...