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    Full Battle! Musashi VS Kojirou!!

    A-ha. Just kidding. But if they did have a battle who do you think would win? Right now if they had a 2 vs. 2 I'm not sure who would win. To tell ya the truth I can imagine this as the beginning for some random episode. Sounansu vs. Manene Manene and Sounansu stare each other down and...
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    Who's My Valentine?

    How this game works- And so on and so forth... Who's Yoshi's valentine?
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    Rate the Picture Above

    In this thread you'll post a picture and the person under you will rate it... For example... So you get it right? Here's my pic, its an ashley banner i made... =3
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    Battle tower team i use...

    AI trainers suck... and battle tower is haxy... with that being said here's my battle tower team: Gengar - DoOmening Focus Sash Levitate Timid 252- Sp attk/252-Speed/6-hp ~ Hypnosis ~ Shadow Ball ~ Thunderbolt ~ Destiny Bond Yeah sleep them before they start using double team...
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    Give the above two posters a shipping name

    Here's another old game that i enjoyed... Just do what the title says... I get to be in the next two posts! yay me!
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    Throw an Object at the Next Poster

    I liked this thread so i thought i'd revive it... I think you can tell what you have to do by the title of the thread. I'll start it off... *throws tiara at the next poster*
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    The Game of Life

    Ah... Life... Hmmm... I bet your wondering that this game is spinning a wheel and that somehow causing you to get a child... Sorry but this game is much more complex than that! In this game you will decide the fates of tiny micro-organisms that will slowly evolve into something much much...
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    Worse Dub Changes

    What do you think are the worst dub changes? For me... Haruka and Michiru being cousins (sailor moon) Mako saying she had talent when referring to her breasts (sailor moon) Tomoyo not having a crush on Sakura (cardcaptor sakura) Sakura and Syaoran not having a crush on Yukito...
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    Concept Art

    Does anyone know where to get the concept art for the pokemon models of Pokemon Battle Revolution? More specifically Mime Jr's concept art! ^__^;; If you don't know what concept art its this: So yeah
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    Battle Thread v2.0

    I used to be a referee in the old battle thread and it was really fun! I was sad to see it die so I'm gonna revive it! ^__^ So here's how this game works: You post if you want to have battle with anyone. Here's the battle request form- Number Of Pokemon: (1-6) Battle Style: (Single or Double)...
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    Jessie Vs. James

    Who would win in a pokemon battle Kojiro or Musashi? lol, I can see the battle starting out with their strongest pokemon: Carnivine vs. Seviper with seviper winning, then cacnea comes out and owns seviper with a sanstorm Cacnea vs. Dustox Cacnea pwns once again and KO's dustox... then...
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    EV Question...

    Excuse me but do Ev's get erased every level??? For example, I made a big team of raichu's that only know one move, brick break, they only know that because they are soley for the purpose of ev training my Gastly... So when my level five gastly kills them he will gain like three levels or so but...
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    Mushroom Kingdom Hearts

    http://www.khinsider.com/images/Images2/5.jpg Hmmm... Do you think this is true? I'm undecided right now, but it'd be awesome if it was true!
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    Everybody Votes!!!

    I just downloaded the Everbody Votes channel on my Wii... Its cool but I want more polls to vote in! :D, its free so for those of you that have wiis just go to the shop channel, go into Wii ware, and download it! Discuss the Everybody Votes channel!
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    Art thread of Doooooom!!!

    Rules: 1. Don't swamp me 2. Use Forms 3. No more than one drawing per request 4. Be patient 5. Three requests maximum 6. If I say something's too hard for me, I'm not gonna do it 7. All SPPF rules I'm new at this so my stuff isn't that good... Here's my first drawing: Here's the...
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    Magnifying Glasses

    How much more accuracy does it give to your moves?
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    First Art-work

    Well I never really tried making art and stuff on the compooper, so i tried... Beware for I suck... It was really fun making this and I may try to invest in a scanner so i can make better pictures... So yeah criticise me... Small: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l256/Megadio26/MimeJr.jpg...
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    Electrode levitates???

    His sprites in the game make him levitate and he can learn Electro-Levitate in D/P... How is this possible? He's a freaking ball... lole
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    Pokemon -- Fame Games!!!

    K, I got this idea from the new season of Surreal Life! So this is how it works: - There will be 10 underused or neverused pokemon in a house competing to become an overused pokemon - I will post a short story every few days - You vote in accordance to the story Example: The competition...
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    There's a Salamence thread so why not a Gengar one! ^_^!!! Gengar is my favorite pokemon and I like using him in battle... Gengar was the first ghost pokemon ever and remained the best until.... until... Uhh... HA! He's still the best ghost poke! Talk about Gengar here!