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    Special XD Moves

    Every Shadow Pokemon you capture from XD learns a special move it cannot normally know. Which one is your favorite? Some of my favorites include Baton Pass Hypno and Tri Attack Togepi. These moves are pretty cool and unique.
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    DSi Help

    Hello, I have a DSi I have had since the day it came out (I stayed for the midnight premiers), and recently, it's been going for trips. For starters, the wifi connection is terrible. It cannot sustain a connection to any wifi port for more than half a minute. Next, it will hardly load...
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    Doubles + Skill Swap

    This is a doubles team centered around Regigigas, who becomes an amazing tank with 1 turn of set-up. Experimenting with this has been fun, I've seen countless Haxorus fall victum to it. This IS an experimental team, btw, and its seen good results so far ;) Reuniclus @ Life Orb Ability: Magic...
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    Rayce and Nero Trade Shop

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ Welcome to our tradeshop! We hope we can find you something you'd like. Please specify who you'd like to trade...