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    What was the inspiration for your username?

    Somebody told me I said "Why hello there" a lot when greeting people, and I felt the shortened version was more appropriate for a username.
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    Liking characters with not-so-likable traits

    Many new movies are seemingly making the villains likeable. Look at Loki from "Thor" and "The Avengers" as an example, he comes across as being confident, articulate and powerful (this is more apparent in "The Avengers," as in "Thor" he is appears more cowardly and prefers to sit behind his...
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    The last movie you saw

    World War Z Was pretty disappointed if I am honest. All of my friends enjoyed it but I couldn't get over the fact that Brad Pitt's character was the only person that seemed even remotely influential to the story. Every other character only seemed to be there to either get the main character...
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    Event Trading Thread

    Looking for a PCNYb Duskull UT. Offering: Korean Dreamworld Jolly Croagunk Korean Home Plus Darkrai - Timid Japanese Movie Zekrom TEST version(Date 7/9/2011) *Rare* Japanese Wish Event SHINY Pichu*Very rare* Korean DW event Rayquaza dreamball Mild Korean DW event Rayquaza dreamball...
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    White or Black? (and Why?)

    I got white for Zekrom.
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    Did you use your Elemental Monkey?

    No, their design never seemed very appealing to me.
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    The Stupidest Person You've Ever Seen.

    I looked in the mirror once.
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    Did an experience change your views towards a certain Pokemon?

    Never was a fan of Beautifly....until I found a shiny one.... it looks awesome! Also, I got my *** handed to me by a Riolu with the copycat+prankster+entry hazards+roar combination for the first time a month ago, completely changed me opinion of him.
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    Old Rumors Die Hard

    The Mewthree joke is older than time itself.
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    Internet Memes

    Its weegee time!
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Professor Oak.
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    Tycrane's Introduction

    Hi there, welcome. :)
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    Event Trading Thread

    Looking for DW Banette's from the following countries: Japan Korea Spain France Germany I am also looking for(Although I am unlikely to find these): Shiny egg event pokemon, such as Mystery egg event Pidove, Axew and Pansage. Korean Cinema Celebi PCNY Cacturne I have an extensive...
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    Event Trading Thread

    Looking for: PCNY Cacturne Wish event pokemon STAMP Absol(On 4th gen) STAMP Pichu(On 4th gen) Any SHINY egg event(E.g. Pokepark eggs and special move events) SHINY Mystery Egg Axew(JPN) SHINY Mystery Egg Pidove(JPN) SHINY Mystery Egg Pansage(JPN) SHINY Mystery Egg Pidove(ENG) SHINY...
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    Alright, I can trade now if you can.

    Alright, I can trade now if you can.
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    I have these ones: Rayquaza Mild Dreamball(The one thats now been spammed to high heaven)...

    I have these ones: Rayquaza Mild Dreamball(The one thats now been spammed to high heaven) Rayquaza Jolly Dreamball(No one currently has this version, although some people have ones with the same nature) Rayquaza Docile Heallball(No one currently has this version) Rayquaza Quirky...
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    Lep'sTrade Shop

    Anything you want for these three(Or just the two if the middle one is perma-NFT)?: US EVENT11 Zoroark Quirky Very Finicky HP 131 - - 9/18/2011(obtained by me)Non - Redistributable US EVENT11 Zoroark Quirky Often Dozes Off HP 133 - - 9/18/2011(obtained by me)NFT US EVENT11 Zoroark Quirky...
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    Yes. 3396 3857 4154

    Yes. 3396 3857 4154
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    Rejoin the room.

    Rejoin the room.