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    My Subway Doubles Rain Team

    Hello, this is my first competitive RMT for Subway Doubles. so there may be a gazillion errors. I'm not sure what to write for the description so please don't ban me if I don't write enough because I have NO idea how a rain team works, only ideas. Now the Pokemon: ;186; @Rocky Helmet Drizzle -...
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    Blackwings Deck V2.0

    Monsters: 3x BW - Shura 3x BW - Bora 3x BW - Blizzard 1x BW - Zephyros 2x BW - Vayu 1x BW - Sirroco 1x BW - Gale 1x BW - Kalut 1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 1x Dark Armed Dragon Total Monsters: 17 Spells: 1x Black Whirlwind 3x Pot of Duality 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x...
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    Owen's DW and Others Shop

    Woolworths (Now with events and DW Pokemon :D) Hello, my name is Owen and this is my first Trade Shop I have opened here. Now onto the 'rules' Trade ratios: My DW for 1 Event/Shiny My Event for 1 Event My Shiny for 1 Shiny/Event My Egg/Egg Moves for 1 Shiny/Event My Random and 1...
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    Legendary Team

    Ok this team is NOT for Random Matchup it is for battling my friend using Infrared. Just so you know I do not care about EV's nor IV's. So here it is! Palkia (Gentle) @Lustrous Orb Pressure - Spacial Rend - Hydro Pump - Aura Sphere - Earth Power Special Sweeper but wish I could change the...