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    A place beneath the stars~

    *Credit to Lavaburst, thanks sooo much. <3* Hello guys! This is my Trade shop~ I have shinies, DW, and some events. Donations are highly appreciated! I have very few things, since I am not good at IV/EVing and such. Anyone who donates can get ONE free Pokémon from my list. (Which isn't...
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    Grass Type Elimination~

    Grass Type are amazing, so why not give them a game! Rules: 1.) Follow the General Rules. (Duh~) 2.) No Double Posting, if you did on accident or something, please delete it. 3.) If you miss counted or someone posted before you when you were deciding, please edit that post to the correct...
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    Harmonia's Breeding: ♀ + ♂ = ☺

    ♀ + ♂ = ☺ Here is a thread where you can post Pokemon that you would like to be breeded. I do egg moves, shinies, and more. Fill out sheet: *For Breeding* Name: Pokemon: Nickname for Pokemon?: Nature: Characteristic?: Ability: (Note, if you want a DW ability, you must provide...