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    Gen 1 and Gen 3 Starters

    Which Gen 1 and Gen 3 starters did you choose?
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    New Baby Forms

    What are some Pokemons you would like to have a baby form? I think Onix ;095; and Lapras ;131;
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    Word Association

    type the first thing that comes to mind based on the word in the previous post. i'll start with pokemon.
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    Lesbian, Gay, Bi

    I just wondering if there are any lesbians, gays, or bi people out here.
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    Which Stater Should I Take?

    I playing Pokemon Pearl and I cant decide which one I should take. Please help me?
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    How old are you and wants your gender?

    I would like to know to see how old everyone is who plays Pokemon. Im 16 and a female.