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    Rising Rivals

    The new set has been announced. It's called Rising Rivals and features the Gym Leaders and Elite Four... basically the english version of Bonds of the End of Time... It will be realeased by May 20, 2009 (Three days before my birthday!!!) Info (as of 3/20/2009) from: Pokebeach Discuss and...
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    A question...

    Ok, it's been over 7 years since I've played Yellow. The reason I'm playing it now is so I can get Zapdos and Moltres for my Pokedex in Crystal... and I'm stuck... Ever since I've been able to use Surf, I've been challenging Zapdos and I can't catch him. Every time I throw an Ultra ball a...
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    Shamouti Island ♪♫♪

    ►Status: CLOSED~ Sapphire cries when you don't read everything. Please, read it all. IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!1! ♪♫Welcome to Shamouti Island! Yes, my shop is named after the island Pokemon 2000 takes place at. Here I will put my two years of spriting knowledge to the test when I make...
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    How do you organize your cards?

    Man, it's been a while since I've made a thread >.< I'm too lazy to make it a poll :/ Anyways, I have my cards organized by the National Dex, and pokemon with evolutions that came in a different generation are by it (e.g. Wynaut is by Wobbuffet, Gliscor is by Gligar... etc). Each forme of a...
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    Are these cards fake?

    Let me explain. We were walking around at a fair, looking at the merchandise all the booths had. I come upon one that was selling trading card plaques, and on one table were Pokemon Card packs. Seeing the price, I bought 6 packs. It wasn’t until we left and were in a restaurant when I opened...
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    TideShock Deck (Water / Electric)

    I made a *hopefully* better deck... it's just a modifacation to the Polor Frost (Glaceon) deck (because I suck at making decks x.X). I plan on using this in two weeks in a league. Pokemon: Glaceon x1 (MD; Snow Cloak) Holo Jolteon x 1 (MD) Eevee x3 (MD; Gnaw) Eevee x1 (MD; Call for Family)...
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    Water/Dark Deck

    This is my first deck, so I need some help. I need it to survive in a tournament that's in two weeks. Pokemon: Wailmer x2 (GE) Wailord x1 (GE) Eevee x4 (Call for Family, 62/100) (MD) Glaceon x1 (Snow Cloak, 5/107) (MD) Umbreon x1 (MD) Spheal x4 (MT) Sealeo X2 (MT) Walrein x1 (MT)...
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    How many times have you beaten the E4?

    Well, a thread like this was made a long time ago, but it died... I've beaten them around 55 times.
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    Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza Club

    Welcome!This is the Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza Club> Where we talk about everything about the trio. If you’re a fan of any of them, then your welcome to join. But tell which one is your favorite (BUT PLEASE PICK ONE ) The sprites are the members favorite legendary, they don’t mean anything...
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    The Naetoru and Evolutions Fan Club

    This is the Naetoru and Evolutions Fan Club. This is where people can talk about the grass starter Naetoru, and it's evolutions Hayashigame and Dotaitos. You can also post any Fan Art that you've made.Anyone can join this club, but follow the rules! If you don't post within 2 weeks, your...
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    The Lugia and Ho-oh Club

    Welcome to the Lugia and Ho-oh Club! Here is where all the fans of the two legendaries come and talk about anything that has to do with the two. Everyone is welcome to join. Just state which of the two is your most favorite. Follow the rules and enjoy the club!!! The 3 strike rule applys...
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    The Flygon-Clan Club

    Welcome to The Flygon-Clan Club! Here we talk about Trapinch;328;, Vibrava;329;, and Flygon;330;. Anyone can join, and anyone can start new topics. *Rules* -All SPPf rules apply -No Spamming -No Bashing of any kind -Don't go off topic -Give credit where credit is do (Banners, movesets...
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    Help in AC:WW

    1)How do you get the triforce and how much does it cost? 2)I'm having trouble trying to catch a bee. what's a good way to catch one? 3)Does a tarantula attack you if your carring the net, but run away if you are not? (dumb question i know) 4) About feng shi, I heard that it loses it's luck...
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    Future BF Backup Team

    Here is a team that i came up for the BF but I need help with. I haven't made this this team yet. feel free to replace anyone with someone better if needed. Aggon@Focus Band/Quick Claw Calm/Timid Iron Tail Rock Slide Protect Aerial Ace Starmie@Bright Powder Surf Psychic Recover...
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    Help with my BF Team

    Ok I'm really horrible at making a good team but I think i have a team that i like. Ok here it is ( I made this back then when I had a bad habit of giving all my pokemon attacking moves, before I started to care about natures and EVs) and they are all at Level 100. Lapras@don't know (Mystic...
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    How Many Times Have You Beat The Elite 4?

    I didn't see anything like this here so I thought I would ask. How many times have you beat the elite four? i've beat them around 78 times i don't remember. i've gotten 4 pokemon to lv100 by battling them. sorry if this thread is breaking rules or anything.
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    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Questions

    Ok i got this game a few days ago and i can't stop playing it. Right now i at chapter 13 and i have a few questions. What does Skill mean? What does the Arm's Scoll do? How do you raise a unit's biorhythm? And when a item says it will increase a unit's build what does that mean? ( the...
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    Hi!! and a few questions

    Hi i'm new, nothing much i want to say but i have a few questions i would like to ask. ok how do you get sprites and other pictures into your sig how do you rank up, (you know, beginning trainer,hoenn chapion etc.) i know it has something to do with your post count and do you chose what rank...
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    2 questions (and something I found) about

    Okay I have 2 questions about shadow lugia. does it get a fixed nature after you KO it and save or is it random and when it enters battle, will there be two orange ords flying around it to tell if it is a shiny or do you have to wait until it purified? Plus I found something (its not something...