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  1. Zazie

    Anime Conventions

    So does anyone here go to anime conventions? If so, what are your favorite things to do at anime conventions?, What things about anime conventions do you dislike? If you don't, feel free to stick around an talk anyway? Those of you who are curious can ask questions, or tell us why you don't go...
  2. Zazie

    Do you actually bother to read through any of the polls here?

    I see a lot of polls around here that I really uninteresting. This leads me to wonder: does anyone care about what user x's hair color is or what time user y goes to bed? So do you usually care enough to sit down and read through misc. polls ? For extra fun did you bother to read through the...
  3. Zazie

    Bubblegum Crisis

    This used to be a popular anime back in the day when I was but a wee one. But it seems to have been forgotten after the post-pokemon flood of anime fans. And that's a damn shame. Has anyone else here seen any of the Bubblegum Crisis animes besides me? If not go watch the original the...
  4. Zazie

    The Alternative/Indie Rock Thread

    Since there are threads for other musical genres why not one for Alternative/Indie Rock. This thread is for any discussion related this subgenre of rock including artists, albums, news etc. See the other genre threads for examples. Just like how in the Metal thread discussion of Nu-Metal...
  5. Zazie

    Bands.movies, books and tv shows you love but noone else has heard of.

    What bands, books, movies and tv shows do you love that noone else has heard of? I like the band the Cruxshadows but noone else is aware of their existance despite the band having multiple top 40 singles in the past few years including 2 that have reached the #2 spot. I also love the T.V...
  6. Zazie

    Historical figures you would love to beat up

    Suppose you had a time machine and could beat the living daylights out out of any historical figure you wanted. Who would you choose and why? I would beat the crap out of William Pitt the Elder for naming his son after himsalf and making British History confusing. I would also beat up...
  7. Zazie

    Best Sega Console

    Since there was a best Nintendo Console thread a few weeks ago I thought there should be one for Sega consoles as well. My choice would have to be the Saturn. I may have ranked the Dreamcast higher in a previous thread and it is a close call between the two I ultimately find the Saturn to be...
  8. Zazie

    Fighting games

    Since there are so many Fighting games out and coming out this year (relative to the last few years anyway), I thought I should make a thread to discuss fighting games in general both new and old. One thing special about this year in terms of fighting games is that it is the 25th anniversary...
  9. Zazie

    ElderShipping Discussion Thread

    This thread is dedicated to the to the pairing of Delia Ketchum (Ash's mom) and Professer Oak, also known as Eldershipping. The purpose of this thread is to discuss all things related to this pairing including sharing links such as fanart and fanfics related to the pairing. (be sure to keep it...
  10. Zazie

    Top 5 video game consoles

    Since there is a top 5 list for video games I thought there should be one for consoles as well. If you have more than 5 you can list those as well just don't go overboard. You do not have to own all of the consoles on your list. Be sure to explain reasons for your choices. 5...
  11. Zazie

    Gametrak Freedom: The XBox 360 and PS3 to get motion control remotes

    http://gear.ign.com/articles/965/965841p1.html Article in short (for those to lazy to read the link): A third party company is developing a Wiimote-like motion sensing peripheral for the XBox 360 and the PS3. They claim the peripheral will feature "better" motion sensing than the Wiimote...
  12. Zazie

    What Do "Hardcore" and "Casual" mean anyway?

    Recently I have been hearing the terms Hardcore and Casual gamer being used a lot. What exactly do these terms mean? I would think that a casual gamer is a person who only plays games occasionaly and a hardcore gamer as one who enjoys challenging games, but that doesn't seem to be what most...