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    A caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid.

    Like an uninvited guest who enters the elevator previously occupied by people times two, I enter! Your attention? I seek! Your awe? I want! Your sentences of the useless criticism and icons of emote? Smelly! Smell they shall, like the back-end of a donkey reared on beans and badges! For...
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    DP112: The Pikachu-Pochama Drifiting Chronicle!

    Now here's an episode I know everyone's been looking forward to. Courtesy of Dogasu over on Bulbagarden Corphish seems to be the character of the day, and we get to see more of the glory that is Probopass. I don't know about you guys, but I fail to see any potential dissappointment here...
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    Don't evolve, I love you!

    Wow, two polls in a matter of days. Next thing you know, I'm going to let the cat out of the bag and reveal that I'm actually one of Cybercubed's alternate accounts. Oh sheet. Basically, just explain which pokémon you'd rather stay as they are, and why. I'll get things started with an...
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    'Nubs of Doom' or 'What the hell do you think it should have done?' (Spoilers)

    What do you think has been Swinub's greatest contribution to the series as a whole? My personal favourite was it's unscrupulous defiance of the Bird-like one. Driven by the alure of both blasthemy and hunger, the hoofless swine forged ahead with all it's might, willing to devour any creature...
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    Dawn's rivals: CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

    Judging by the feedback these characters have received over the past 2 or so years, I think it's fair to say that the majority of people share either an indifference or dislike towards them. Sometimes there's a justified reason, other times it's petty whingeing, but either way, snippets of...
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    DP 100: Turtwig Grotle...and Torterra!

    DP 100: Turtwig, Grotle...and Torterra! I should be doing some work right now, but what the hell. This place is made for procrastinatin' types such as yours truely.
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    Bunch o' Model Sheets

    If this would be better of in the General Picture thread, just eradicate this thread, I guess. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I'll bawl over my misdeed until my eyes are dry and shrivelled to the point where I'll be rendered visually impared for the rest of my days, I swear. I recentlly...
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    The Best Severely Neglected Pokémon

    The Best Severely Neglected Pokémon Oh, these poor unfortunate creatures. Birthed from the loins of a parent that could never love them, into a cruel world they were never meant to tread. Introduced to a society that would never except their way of life, forcing them to reside in solitude...
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    Ash's Gliscor

    Posting this here because I'm an attention wh- I mean, because I rarely post things here anymore. Hehehehe. Ash http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v221/Gravyyy/glion.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v221/Gravyyy/turtwig.jpg Dawn...
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    Brock and Dawn; Do they need more junk?

    Yep, it's Gravy, with one of his unique po-.....oh, wait. No, it's a crappy ol' unimaginative one this time around. About freaking CAPTURES no less. ;319; That must be bit of a downer, huh? No 'Who'd win in a four way Brawl? Muku.BIRD, MegaYan.EXE, The Gangsta or Mr. Sunshine?' polls for you...
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    ’Pokemon Animation All Adventures Guide'

    ’Pokemon Animation All Adventures Guide' I thought this was interesting enough to warrant it's own thread. I don't think any of that Gym Leader artwork has breached the mile-high walls of the model sheet big house, so that's pretty interesting. I doubt they'll do the same for all those...
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    The really pointless, very minor crap that you care about.

    Is there something on the show that is really minor, yet you just can't help but wonder about it, or look forward to it each week? It could be anything you percieve as a small detail. The appearence of a certain character, the inclusion of a favourite pokémon as background material, the usage of...
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    Oh God no! It's a 'Favourite Animation Director' thread!!

    Hey boys and girls. It's time to learn some new words! Impress your friends, be the life of the party, get ALL the ladies/men/prefered genders, become rich without having to man a crudely constructed lemonade stand! The word of today is; niche -A situation or activity specially suited to a...
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    The main character's Pokemon development

    The point of this thread, is discuss the pokémon themselves as characters, and to let loose some ideas on how you want to see them develop during the series. Are there certain routes you'd like to see them head down, or situations they could be placed in, in which their personallities could be...
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    'Buneary' Fanart

    Just listen to this, and you'll get it. Or not. I'm not sure there's anything to 'get' anyway... http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs26/f/2008/082/7/c/Battle_Cry_by_Cotton_gravy.jpg
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    Should Wobbuffet eventually leave the show? Simple enough question. I don't think it should. I don't buy arguments of it 'being useless' and 'no longer funny', since neither of these factors seem to have any bearing on anything in the show. It's not preventing other characters from going...
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    Giratina and the Sky Bouquet; Sheimi **NEWS AND TRAILERS GO HERE**

    The other thread for this seems otherwise dead or too old for me to revive (perhaps? I’ll be damned if I’m going to search), so here’s a new one. The official movie site seems to have been updated to not only include a picture or two of everyone's favourite chia pet, but has also altered the...
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    The Most Ludicrous Fan Complaints

    This is a time bomb just waiting to explode, but I'm afraid I just couldn't resist. We all know one of the best talents pokémon fans have, is to whine and complain and rant about pretty much anything in a negative light. Shipping, characters, Probopass, filler episodes, Team Rocket; you name...
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    Dustox: The Lover. The Fighter. The Legend.

    Ahh, Dustox. What an unfortunate existence you have lived. Forced into servitude simply to mirror another character's pokémon that will more than likely never see the light of day again, and second fiddle to a snake that could open a can of beans with out the aid of arms or a can opener. What...
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    Thoughts on Nozomi/Zoey

    Ever since her appearence, I've seen a lot of conflicting opinions based on this character. Some people enjoy the fact that she's more of a friend than a rival, others find that mundane and would rather have a little spice thrown into their relationship, good or bad. Some people believe she's...