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  1. Magical Pokemon

    Joy Con Drifting help

    Hopefully it's okay for me to ask this here. I've had my Nintendo Switch for 3 years since December 2017. And, my left joy con drifts so bad it's affecting both the games I play and my experience on the Nintendo e-shop. I've also had the same joy cons (grey) for 3 years as well. I live in the...
  2. Magical Pokemon

    Pinkie Pie and Laughter

    I wrote this while listening to the leaked Pinkie Pie song "Smile! Smile! Smile!" that will be on a future episode. I was so excited when I found this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1O0ErRhdoI Please read and review. Copyright on everything that does not belong to me. For...
  3. Magical Pokemon

    I need help in trying to find anime with certain plot points.

    I'm trying to find anime centered around laughing, smiling, tickling, or simply cheering people up/healing people. So far, these are the only animes I have found that match what I'm looking for: 1) Princess Tutu 2) Kobato If anyone knows any anime or manga that are similar to those...
  4. Magical Pokemon

    New Hello Kitty/Sanrio Nintendo DS game!

    A new Hello Kitty/Sanrio Nintendo DS game entitled "Hello Kitty Party" was released a month ago (November 24,2009). I really want this game for Christmas, because I am a big Sanrio and video game fan girl. Despite only finding about this game Monday. (December 21, 2009) LOL. And, I would like to...
  5. Magical Pokemon

    What anime is this song from?

    I don't know what anime this song is from, but the song is beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8owQlWbMVo&feature=rec-HM-fresh+div Does anybody know what anime this is from, and what the anime is about? Thank you in advance.
  6. Magical Pokemon

    Youtube help.

    I can't add any songs to my playlist. It doesn't even try to carry out the action, it just redirects me to the screen of the video I am playing, and when I look at the scetion where my playlists are located it doesn't show up there, and it doesn't say(when I'm still on my video I selected) that...
  7. Magical Pokemon

    Ipod help.

    How does one download Japanese anime songs for free without dowloading or paying for a software, and/or without signing up on a site. And, without a risk of viruses for the ipod, and/or the the computer? Because, my song only has three Japanese songs, and I would like to have more on it.
  8. Magical Pokemon

    Website help.

    The following website cannot be accessed from my computer. www.swiftheartrabbit.net My family just got this computer, the one I am typing on, back yesterday from Compuzone, because it had a virus-spyware- on it. But, now, I cannot reach the site. My family had spent $80 in order to get...
  9. Magical Pokemon

    I have a question about a Japanese word.

    What does the word "biidama" mean in English? It is the title for the ending song of the anime, Genshiken. Here is the song if you need a reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwb9HYqgjtg
  10. Magical Pokemon

    The Earlier volumes of... (because leaving us in suspense is awesome!)

    Does anybody know if the older series of Digimon manga are still being sold (new, in stores) in the United States?
  11. Magical Pokemon

    Captain Planet shown Hitler?

    Why did they show this is a kids' cartoon? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0MVuWDc5RQ&feature=related
  12. Magical Pokemon

    "Imagine" series possible sequel question.

    Has Imagine: Ice Champions been confirmed to be a sequel to Imagine: Figure Skater?
  13. Magical Pokemon

    What games do you plan on getting this year?

    Kirby (Wii) Kingodom Hearts: 365/2 Days (DS) Sequel to Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Pikmin 3 (Wii) Wii Sports Resort Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (DS) Imagine: Figure Skater (Used) (DS) Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (Wii) Any Harvest Moon games that are released. (At least two per year.)...
  14. Magical Pokemon


    Where do I find this game? Spinning Princess: Figure Sparkling Ice Angel Kuru Kuru Princess Figure de Kirakira Koori no Angel (JPN) When Does Wii Sports Resort come to the United States?
  15. Magical Pokemon


    This thread is about comparing series or seasons of anime or their american counterparts, which may also count as their origins. This thread's purpose is to help people compare diffrent versions of shows in order to see if it is worth watching, or to see the diffrence bwtween shows after they...
  16. Magical Pokemon

    Princess Debut Help.

    Can somebody help me in Princess Debut? I know on here a lot of people, probably won't own the game, but for those that do can somebody help me on how to dance "Danny Boy" in the game? I would really appriciate it, because this dance goes extremely fast and I can't keep up. Also, does anybody...
  17. Magical Pokemon

    Anime help thread.

    Help ranges from: "Where can I find a show/episode?" Or, help with cultural references. Where can I watch Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z starting from the first episode? Note: I already checked youtube and veoh.
  18. Magical Pokemon

    The scary/disturbing movie/television series scenes thread.

    This thread is for people give their thoughts on a scene posted here, and why or why not they think a scene is scary or disturbing. Warning: Uncut version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZdajaTED0k&feature=channel_page This scene scared me the first time I watched it because I never...
  19. Magical Pokemon

    Does Virgin Mobile offer Japanese ringtones?

    Does anyone know where I can dowload Japanese ringtones. That can be downloaded into an american Virgin mobile cellphone? And, where I can download these ringtones can you make sure there is no payments to be made, and you d not have to put in your cellphone number? If you can help me, I...
  20. Magical Pokemon

    Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams Discussion/Help Thread

    I hope I'm getting the game for christmas. This thread is to discuss the game, and the features in the game. We can also discuss why we got the game. You can also come her, and ask for help if your stuck in the game. The reason I'm going to get the game is because Hello Kitty is cute, I love...