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    Setting up an Fserve on OS X

    Asking here seems like a long shot, but worth a try. I am currently running Mac OS X 10.4.11, and for a long time I have been trying to find a way to set up a file server on IRC. I would say I'm pretty familiar with using IRC for chatting and whatnot, but I have no experience whatsoever with...
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    Tested and revised OU team.

    A couple months ago I posted a similar team here, and after extensive testing on Shoddy I have made several changes. My goal is to assemble it in-game once I tweak it to my satisfaction. I'm feeling confident with this team as it has landed me a decent record and several 6-0 matches, although...
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    Little help, please.

    So here I am, finally about to get a fourth gen game in the next week or so, and I've been racking my brain to try and come up with a decent team for competitive play. This has not been easy as my only prior experience with NPCs was against my friend's team of mostly ubers, and my sister's team...
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    Contests in Jouto

    No, this is not a topic about Haruka's adventure, but the original Jouto saga from back in the day. The infamously repetitive, filler stuffed era which prompted Kasumi and Takeshi's descent into the mundane and caused many fans to tune out. But what if they had introduced contests in the...
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    Superkaleidoscopic Neuropalliation

    I finally got a DA account since I was tired of Photof**kit shrinking everything. So here's some stuff. Floating colonies on Venus. Original Colored One of the main characters from a story I've been concocting. (I feel compelled to put a *warning* on this one, lest it corrupt the mind...
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    Sasquatch avocado balloon.

    Now that you're here, please disregard the bizarre thread title. And as it's late Christmas morning, I'm going to forego my usual lengthy explanations and cut to the chase. Any of you who remember my previous thread, this is that unnamed hippie chick, recently rained on. And in the spirit of...
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    Original Character

    Nothing special. I drew this yesterday when I was bored and tweaked it a bit in Photoshop. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/Heracross/Misc2/12ghj3k438.png I've had the idea for her character for quite some time as part of a fanfiction I'll probably never get around to writing, but...
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    New crud featuring Satoshi.

    "Crud" makes me laugh for some reason. I find the subject of how the characters end up in the future to be quite an interesting thing to fantasize, so I just had to take a stab at an older Satoshi. Also figured it'd help me get more of a feel for for another project I'm working on. It...
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    Old School Kojirou

    Drew this about an hour ago. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/Heracross/Misc2/Kojirose.jpg I say "Old School" not because it looks especially like the older style of the show, because it doesn't, but because he hardly ever does his rose poses anymore. Makes me sad, it does. If you've...
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    Biker chick with attitude

    Just something I sketched up this morning for my own amusement. No detail, shading, color, or any of that jazz. So there she is. If you're unfamiliar with the Pocket Monsters animé, or you just forgot about her (shame on you), she would he Misa, Tyra if you prefer, of the Charinko bicycle...
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    Haruka's Kameil

    Eh, sketched this up the other night while I was bored. Haruka's supposed to be about sixteen. And you can put away the Pepto-Bismol, because nauseating baby Zenigame is history. ^^ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/Heracross/Misc2/Haruka_and_Kameil.jpg I can only dream...
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    Jenny or Joy?

    Oookay, since things are quite redundant over here in polls, I decided to pose that eternal question asked so many times by the master of fickle flirtation himself. Which of the two sexy civil service workers do you prefer?
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    Mah drawings.

    Yay. I don't really have any introduction for these, so I'll just cut to the chase. XD Kojirou This one I actually drew a few weeks ago, but I just now got around to uploading it. I just thought he would look cool in a trench coat, so... woah. :0 Chiriin and Gaa-chan I drew this...