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    HEY HEY HEY Hurricane Sandy, coming your way!

    Hurricane Sandy, nicknamed "Frankenstorm," headed to the United States East Coast early in the coming workweek. It is supposed to be one of the worst storms that area has had in 100 years. Not only is Hurricane Sandy coming, but it will be colliding with a separate snowstorm in some areas. The...
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    ~The Dynasty of Tea~

    Tea. The nectar of the gods. Boiled water infused with organic flavor of any sort. The diversity of flavors available is endless. This is the discussion for all things tea-related. What tea do you drink? Do you have it caffeinated or caffeinated? When did you begin drinking it? Does your...
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    Cats, Dogs, and Unicorns. Pick a side!

    This is a Cats Vs. Dogs Vs. Other Pets poll :) To get the ball rolling, post your thoughts, grievances, hopes, desires, journal entries, and other related thoughts on the matter here! Which pets do you own? Why are they better than others? Is it possible to be both a dog AND cat person...
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    Obama Vs. Romney: 2012 US Election

    If you can vote, who are you voting for? If not, who would you vote for? 1) Why are you voting for that candidate? 2) Are you voting across party lines? 3) Will this be your first time voting? 4) How do you feel about the economic and social policies of each candidate?
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    Buying a DS Phat in 2012 for Pokemon

    Recently, I have been shiny hunting in Pokemon games. One particularly popular method is Soft Resetting- SR. Soft Resetting basically means you press certain buttons to return to the start screen without saving, so you can continuously hunt for a shiny pokemon. This method often puts a lot of...
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    Semi-new. Well.. sort of. Kinda?

    Hello, I have been posting on Serebii for a while now. I used to read threads all the time but never bothered to make an account. When I eventually did I didn't post much, but I began to recently. So I have been on here for a long time but no one really knew it! I just realized I never...
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    Gimmick/Novelty Pokemon - Discussion

    Hi, this is for discussion of novelty/gimmick Pokemon. We have all seen them, and some of us love them and some of us hate them. But the fact is, they exist and deserve just as much attention as every OU powerhouse out there.. so here it is, the thread for the discussion of gimmick and novelty...
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    Glee Discussion

    I noticed there wasn't a Glee thread. So, here you go. Please don't hate/flame/troll- the show can be a little controversial. If you don't like it, that is fine, but please show that distaste elsewhere. Discuss: favorite characters? relationships? speculation for s4?
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    Team Freelance - White 2 Ingame

    Hey. This is my first RMT thread, so bear with me. Team at a glance: Ampharos/Azumarill/Roserade/Cinccino/Flygon/Steelix A closer look: Ampharos @ item unknown Modest, Static -Power Gem -Signal Beam -Discharge/Thunder -Thunderbolt I am not using a starter because Unova's starters...