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    Cynthia:aka my Shirona fanart painting

    Not my sort of thing, but you did a great job on it. The coloring looks fantastic. What did you use? I like how you draw faces. It's rather pretty, and it suits her body type. Most of the time when people draw the heads on fat people, the heads are always too skinny. Hooray for proper...
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    Best Elite Four Member?

    I adore Sidney. He's just... Awesome. Sidney seems like the kind a guy you'd want to hang out with all the time. All the members are cool though. My second favorite has to be Glacia. She's very lovely.
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    Elite Four: Flint! [Long time no see!]

    Oh wow! Thank you so much!! You have no idea how happy I am! [Oh god, he DOES. I will not be able to look at this picture the same way.] Thank you~! You know me too well. ;D Well... People compare him to Ronald McDonald... I think Ronald's a bit scarier; Flint's cute [just maybe not so in this...
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    First fanart here:Flannery

    I'm digging the grungy look. Flannery's pose is wonderful. And I love her pants. You made her look really bad-***. Most of the critiques have been said, but if you're having problems with hands compare them to the face. They should cover the whole face. Her abdomen bothers me a bit. Like, the...
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    Elite Four: Flint! [Long time no see!]

    Thanks. ^^ [Also, bump.]
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    Trick Room Pics

    I'm not really familiar with the DP Pokemon yet, but I LOVE this picture. The perspective is wonderful looking. The background goes well with it too. Although, the lineart seems a bit... Shaky? It's not the right word, but it looks as if the picture were blown up or something. It reminds me of...
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    Elite Four: Flint! [Long time no see!]

    Thanks! 8] On the hair... Is it the swirlies? Doing just a plain afro seemed... Empty, so I just went with it. It does look a little weird to me too. So this post doesn't seem all rambly, here's a bonus Kogomi Oekaki!
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    Elite Four: Flint! [Long time no see!]

    Hello! I haven't been here in quite awhile, eh? I'm finally getting back into the Pokemon groove. [I've been obsessing over Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and I probably will be for a good while. Any other fans?] Anyway, I whipped this picture up about... Uh, about a couple weeks ago? I can't...
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    Infinity's Sketch Thread *BIG Image*

    First one: I don't see anything terribly wrong with the table. I think it may be a bit too wide for the perspective you were using. His expression looks rather blank, but I like the style you drew it in. It's a cute style. He's holding the checker piece oddly, isn't he? His stand looks pretty...
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    Buoysel & Unwanted guest

    Haha, that's cute! The water looks incredible; I can't stop staring at it. The lineart is gorgeous too, perhaps a bit thick in some areas. That being said, that's probably my only critique [and it's obviously a minor one]. And as always, you do killer expressions. Pelipper looks terribly...
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    G/S/C Girl Cooltrainer

    I really like this. The colors are so soft and lovely! Though, it looks like you went a little "smudge happy" while coloring her outfit. I find that sort of coloring generally doesn't look that when not used on hair or other textured things [like bark]. Of course, that's just me being...
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    Oodles of Sketches! D8

    Oh my god, squash!nose! ... I'm almost temped to draw something with that. Thanks for the comments, guys!
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    Oodles of Sketches! D8

    Yay! Someone else who likes him! ... And yes, someone actually asked me that. It was on my school friends. ):
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    Oodles of Sketches! D8

    Okay, so maybe not oodles seeing as how I'm only posting three. It sounded good. wtf More DP art. I haven't been doing much fanart lately, but eh, might as well post the little bit I did this morning. Nanakamado-hakase This is the professor with the hardest name to spell. I'm not sure I even...
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    Diamond and Pearl Trainer Sketches

    You have some really smooth sketches, man. They're rough, but... Not, if that makes sense. It makes for a nice look. I like how badass you made the boy look. He looked like a bit of a pansy in the official art. XD The girl looks good too. Her hand seems a little misshapened though. However...
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    Gym Leader Art - and some more.

    First one doesn't work. I love the second one. The border's especially lovely. Liza doesn't look like a guy. She never had big hooters in the first place, so it's pretty silly for someone to suggest that. I always thought she was pretty young, so of course she is not going to have an...
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    Official Anime Picture Caption Thread

    http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f386/_bacteria/183.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f386/_bacteria/184.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f386/_bacteria/185.jpg
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    Diamond/Pearl Hero

    NO. HE WAS MEANT TO BE A PORNSTAR. ... Or something. 8D Now that I look at it again, she kind of does. I think it may be how I did the nose. That's weird though. I'm amused now. XD Thanks for the comments everyone!
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    ~Sunset dreams - Slowpoke~

    Aww, it reminds me of one of the cards. It's really adorable! The lineart goes very well with the coloring. Both are so soft and lighthearted. :> For some reason, I love how you did the grass. wtf
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    Diamond/Pearl Hero

    Why not? Because it doesn't look exactly like the official art? :/