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    Jump Ultimate Stars

    For those who never heard of it, it's bascially a fighting game much similar to that of brawl where you need to K.O. your opponent to win but it much more deeper than that. You have the ability to customize and make "Decks" these decks are made up of several characters (ones you play as...
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    N-N-Now Fight a new rival!

    Well I finally got this single team done, so I'm ready to test it out, I'm free until 6pm Eastern time, so contact me for a battle quick. I'll do doubles too. My code is in my sig. Rules: Level 50 3v3 or 4v4 No hacked pokemon item, sleep, species clause. Hax items are allowed No...
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    Wild new due appeared!

    Hey, it's me Shinkagehadou, I'm not very good at intros, so if you have any questions ask, I'll be in the PBR battle subforums mainly :D.