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    How's my team coming along? (also need a filler suggestion!)

    Ok, so it's been a pretty decent while since I've played Pokemon again. Yearning for that constant grinding for the right nature, the daunting task of getting the EVs right and whatnot, I managed to grab my hands on Pokemon Black. I've only managed to think of 5 Pokemon so far for my dream...
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    Computer won't read my Graphics Card!

    Hi everyone, Just recently, my dad bought me a 256MB 3D NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5500 graphics card, and I've got it plugged into the slot (AGP). When I insert the installation CD, an error comes up saying "There is no correct device for this CD!". I made sure it was plugged in properly, and it...
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    ~*The Kingdom Hearts Fan Club!*~

    Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Fan Club! Hey everyone, and welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Fan Club! Since there was no club like this, and that there are quite some Kingdom Hearts Fans in these Forums, I thought of starting my own club, and here it is! So, if you're a Kingdom Hearts...
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    Please rate my Diamond Team

    Hi everyone, A couple of months ago I had asked a Team rate for a planned Diamond team, and things didn't work out so well. Now I have a new, current team, so hopefully it should be OK. Empoleon Lv.61 ;395; Ability: Torrent Nature: Calm Item: Leftovers EV Spread: 252 Sp.Defense...
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    My Planned Diamond Team

    Hi everyone, I've managed to purchase Pokemon Diamond, and started today. I was thinking of a team, so I came up with this. This is a planned team, not my current team. So, here it goes! 1. Empoleon [Currently a level 15 Piplup] -Surf -Ice Beam -Earthquake -Stealth Rock Item attached...
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    Please rate my Pokemon Sprite Recolours

    Hi everyone, it's Pokenicks here! So, I've decided to make soem recolours of some Pokemon Sprites. Please comment on how they are, but no insults please. Thanks. Dragonite with the colours of Feraligator Honchcrow with the colours of Lopunny. Lanturn with the colours of Ralts...
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    A Question about the Salac & Petaya Berry

    Hi everyone, Pokenicks here! I've been wondering, since most preferred items for Pokemon re usually Petaya and Salac berries, I am asking about their locations. Now, I've noticed that some Pokemon in Trainer Tower, I beleive, hold these berries. Would it be possible to obtain them by using the...
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    Does Pokerus even spread in LF/FR?

    I've just traded a Sudowoodo infected with Pokerus over to my Leaf Green, hoping that Pokerus would spread on over the the rest of my team. so far, nothing... Does Pokerus even spread in LF/FR? If yes, how long would it take? Many thanks, Pokenicks
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    Please rate my Ruby Team

    This is my current Ruby team, so feel free to post suggestions on how my team can be improved, ratings and compliments, but no insults. 1. Swampert ;260; Level: 77 Item: Macho Brace Nature: Serious Ability: Torrent Moveset: ~Muddy Water ~Ice Beam ~Brick Break ~Earthquake 2. Flygon...
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    What's your favourite News Announcement in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald?

    What's your favourite News Announcement in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? I like the outbreaks of Pokemon so like that I have a good chance of getting a Shiny :D Feel free to vote, post and discuss.
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    What are 'Ubers'?

    Guys, i know it's a bit of a dumb question but I am a bit new to the Forums. I hear people talk about Ubers in Rate-My-Team forums. What are Ubers? Thanks.
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    Which Pokémon Animé girl is the Hottest?

    Which Pokémon Animé girl is the Hottest? Which Pokémon girl is the Hottest? : 1. Misty? 2. Dawn? 3. May? 4. Any other girl character in the game? Feel free to discuss. I like May more than any other girl in the shows :P
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    What do you name your Pokémon?

    What do you name your Pokémon? What are the nicknames of your pokémon in your party? Mine are : Swampert - Riptide Manectric - Statix Gyrados - Tridon Flygon - Dragoon Absol - Shadow Aggron - Ironhead...
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    Shiny Pokemon in Ruby?

    Is there a way I can increase the rate of finding a Shiny Pokemon in Ruby?? Till now I only have 1 shiny, a shiny Duskull.. All help appretiated. PS I do not use gameshark, so kindly do not post any codes,etc.