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    Okay, I've been playing Mystery Dungeon for a while, and know that whenever you give a Gummi to a Pokemon while it's in its friend area, one of its stats is raised by one. My question is, is there a maximum amount of Gummis you can give a Pokemon? Will they stop accepting them as soon as their...
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    Archiving PM's?

    I searched through the FAQs and didn't find an answer, so here's my question: I, having reached near my maximum PM amount, was told to either delete some or archive them. What does archiving do, and how do I do it? Some of my PM's aren't worth deleting, so does archiving solve the problem?
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    Moveset,EV's,etc. for Bold Mew

    Seeing as others have already asked for advice for their Mews, I feel that it is only fair that I do, too. Except mine is Bold. Mew@Leftovers Bold Nature Trait: Synchronize -Calm Mind -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt -Softboiled Okay, basically I want to know if there is a better moveset for...
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    How do you delete your posts?

    Just like the title says, I'm wondering how you delete your posts. Earlier today I accidently double-posted and was promptly told to delete one of them. Except I don't know how. Could someone please tell me? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    I'm yet another new member

    Hey there all you Serebii Forum-goers, The name's Icosahedron. Just wanted to say hello, after all I'm new here. Actually, I'm new to forums in general. But I hope to have a good time here and make some friends (pm me if you want to be one of them). Most likely I will be posting in the...