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  1. J

    Fettuccine and Friends

    Fettuccine and Friends is a irregularly scheduled short comic series drawn by myself and originally intended for publishing/posting in the school. That didn't work out so well. But the people who did read my comic during the time it was posted seemed to like it a lot and have encouraged me to...
  2. J

    Jin's Ginjinka Project

    Jin's Gijinka Project Ok, a bit of background on Jin's Gijinka Project (known in my area as Tan's Gijinka Project): Jin's Gijinka Project is, as the title would have you believe, a project where I attempt to draw each and every Pokemon as humans. Unlike most other gijinkas (it basically means...
  3. J

    Stuff I sketch...

    Since it's now the school holidays here where I am, I've gotten bored. So I started this thread to post any recent drawings that I like. Please tell me if there's anything to improve on. First, I'll post a Sasuke picture. And this is from Maplestory. How are they?
  4. J

    Pokémorph Battle

    Pokémorph Battle A battle between Tropius and Waillord. If you have a question about it, it might be answered below: Who are these guys? They're Pokémorphs I created. I understand why Waillord can control water, but why does Tropius control wood? It's complicated. Why did Waillord...
  5. J

    My greatest masterpiece!!

    First time I attempted drawing Diaruga and Parukia Pokémorphs. They look kinda cyber-isheey... Feel free to comment/critisize my artwork.