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    Pokemon. what does it mean to you? why do you like it so much? have you ever had any inetresting experiences due to pokemon? family bonds? etc tell me your poke story i like hearing what pokemon has done to others for example, when i first arrived to the U.S from guatemala(around 1999)...
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    pokemon the live action movie!!!!!!!!!

    what do you guys think? would it work? would it fail?why would it fail? and who would you consider some good actors to play ash, misty,brock etc. and with all the money pokemon makes maybe in a not too distant future there would be live action movie..
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    Trying to start out a team based around sandstorm team.

    my first post, so if i did anything worng please tell me, but umm anyways i run a a team that includes ground,steel and rock. so they wnt get affected by sandstorm. so far i got a tyranitar, garchomp, metagross, skarmory, scissor,magnezone,empoleon,aerodactyl. i would appreciate if you guys...