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  1. Marbi Z

    A 90’s Pokemon Player Wakes up in Today’s World

    Imagine a Diehard Pokémon Fan from the 90’s who just recently Completed Pokémon Red/Blue and saw Pokémon The First Movie. A terrible accident leaves him in a 20+ year coma. He finally wakes up and doesn’t initially perceive the time passed. How would he react to how Pokémon is today? Does he...
  2. Marbi Z

    Should the Main Series Games ever feature an NPC with a full team of Lv. 100 Pokémon?

    Imagine a bonus post game battle against an NPC with a full team of 6 level 100 Pokémon would that make for a truly epic Post Game Ultimate Test? If so who should this truly powerful NPC be? I’d say make it the Legendary Trainer Red but what do you think?
  3. Marbi Z

    How would the Pokémon World deal with a Mutated version of Pokerus that Weakens Humans?

    Imagine a mutated version of the Pokerus that has the same benefits to Pokémon but also makes us humans sick and in some cases very sick or even kills in a worst case scenario. How would the Pokémon World deal with it? How would Trainers feel? Which regions would be most impacted economically...
  4. Marbi Z

    Best and Worst Pokémon To Sleep With

    What Pokémon do you think you could easily or not so easily fall asleep with or on? Would some suffice better in the summer or winter? Could some even help you fall asleep? Discuss.
  5. Marbi Z

    Would Future PMD Games benefit from Voice Acting?

    For those who played games like Fire Emblem Three Houses you know how voice acting can really enhance the story experience and give you a real connection with the characters. Now imagine if a future PMD game had full voice acting with the Main Cast imagine having childlike voices for the first...
  6. Marbi Z

    Where in the Pokémon world would you like to retire to?

    After many years of traveling the various regions and continents of the Pokémon world, catching and training many Pokémon teams, making many friends both human and Pokémon and competing in many leagues and winning and defending many a title you've finally decided that with all the money you've...
  7. Marbi Z

    How many hours have you put in so far?

    Pokémon Sword and Shield have been out for over 2 weeks now and as of this post I've clocked in over 80 hours of gameplay as I just can't put the game down. So how many hours have you put into the game so far?
  8. Marbi Z

    Would Gen 8 and Future Generations be better off as Open World?

    We have all seen the rise of the Open World Genre over the years where you can play at your own pace and do whatever you want. Notable Examples include The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Wouldn't it be neat to see the next Generation of Pokémon to embrace this...
  9. Marbi Z

    Are you suprised with the results of the 2012 Pokemon World Championships?

    According to Gameinformer.com Japan has only won 1 out of 6 divisons while Ray Rizzo is now a 3 time Pokemon World Champion! I think it's safe to say that Japan's dominance in Pokemon has diminished (at least in the tournaments anyway) So are you suprised with the final results? Discuss!
  10. Marbi Z

    Should ALL Pokemon have Genders?

    The title says it all! If Pokemon are supposed to be living, breathing creatures (like the anime suggests) then why are some of them considered GENDERLESS? Do you think Game Freak should change that and make them ALL have at least one gender? (Male or Female) Discuss...
  11. Marbi Z

    A Pokemon Christmas Carol

    What if the Anime decided to make a Pokemon special based off the popular story ( A Christmas Carol ) what characters ( Human or Pokemon ) would be good for the major roles? For example... Paul ( Ash's grouchy rival from the DP saga ) would make a great Scrooge. Celebi... The Time Travel Pokemon...
  12. Marbi Z

    Pokemon Thanksgiving

    I don't think there are two many Pokemon that our based off turkeys so I wonder... If people in the Pokemon world celebrated Thanksgiving and there were no animals just Pokemon what Pokemon would make a good Thanksgiving meal? Discuss.
  13. Marbi Z

    Most badass Anime Villain

    Basically out of all the villains in the anime which one is the most badass?
  14. Marbi Z

    Should the Pokemon Company make Plush Dolls of ALL the Pokemon?

    I couldn't help but notice that there have always been alot of Pokemon plush dolls throughout the years ( mainly of Pikachu and the Starters of each Gen ) but aside from all them they never make plush dolls of the other Pokemon they create. While I LOVE my Buneary and Zoroark Plush dolls I would...
  15. Marbi Z

    Were you surprised with the results of the 2011 Pokemon World Championships?

    I saw a YouTube video last Saturday regarding the 2011 Pokemon World Championships and when I herd the results... My heart skipped a beat! Not only did the US win 4 of the 6 divisions ( 3 VGC and 1 TCG ) but NO Japanese Player had won a single division!!! This was a very big shock to me...
  16. Marbi Z

    Your favorite Ash costume

    This one goes out to all you Ash Ketchum fans! So! Out of all the suits Ash has worn throughout the series which one is the coolest?
  17. Marbi Z

    The Unofficial Rant about Work Thread

    Have you had a crappy day at work today? Was your boss a total ***? Was the day so long and boring that you swore the flow of time was slowed? Well here`s the thread where you can vent all your anger and you won`t get in trouble! But to be on the safe side don`t be to specific if you choose to...
  18. Marbi Z

    Should Starter Pokemon be Predominetly Male?

    Have any of you ever been to a site called Bulbapedia? According to the site the gender ratio of all the starter Pokemon is 87.5% Male and 12.5% Female. Does that mean you have a much better chance of getting a male starter!? Personally I think the gender ratio of all starter Pokemon should be...
  19. Marbi Z

    Do you still plan to Catch Em All?

    I meant to make this poll to accompany the Thread but I got sidetracked...
  20. Marbi Z

    Pokemon Alternate History

    Imagine if any or all of the villains in the Pokemon series (aka) Team Rocket, Team Magma/Aqua, Team Galactic, or Team Plasma utimately defeated the Hero Trainers and got their way... What would the regions and/or the Pokemon world be like? Would the way humans and Pokemon live together be...