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    Pokemon Island

    This was a game from not long ago but it was closed by the owner... So basically, you are stranded on an island and there is absolutely no way to escape(Please don't try to make plans of getting off the island). SIGN UPS ARE ALWAYS OPEN. I had lots of people in Pokemon Mall asking "Hey can I...
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    Pokemons Next Top Model!

    This was a game that was made sometime last year but was closed down(Due to inactiveness) So I thought I'd remake it for fun. In this game you will compete against 10 other girls to win the grand prize of $250,000! Rules: All Sppf Rules apply Please be active No Swearing,Hurting other...
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    Pokemon Mall!

    ;058;: Hello and welcome to Pokemon Mall! This is where you can own your own shop or just have fun here! ;058;: Here are the jobs! Jobs: Game store Owner - 0 - Jake ;026; - VCD - Travis ;006; - aX Games - Kutsuu ;133; -Eve Games - Cruncher ;111; - aX Games assistant Pet store (Sells...
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    Pokemon Tower

    ;309;: Hello and welcome to Pokemon Tower! These are my assistants Rocky ;076;: Hey I'm Rocky ;309;: His real name is Ed but he'll get angry if you call him that ;076;: What did you say?!? ;309;: Nothing E- I mean Rocky ;076;: Good. ;309;: Also my other assistant Rollo the Wailmer ;320...
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    Next(Pokemon Version)

    This is the pokemon version of the tv show Next.In this game there will be someone looking for a date.There will be five other pokemon trying to get on a date with that pokemon. Pokemon: ;038; Daters: (No Spots left) (You can still PM Shadow Eeveelution with signups for the next episode)...
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    Pokemon House

    This is a house were pokemon stay and compete against eachover.Everytime a challenge is over you will vote someone out.You will be teamed up into groups of 4.The last one left gets 20 million dollars. Here is the host. Name: Volque Gender: Female Species: ;156; Personality: She is...
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    What is your favourite Fire pokemon?

    My favourites are Charizard;006; and Entei;244;.