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    Your Move Interpretations

    I don't know about you guys but many times in the anime I have seen a new attack showcased and be utterly dissappointed. An example of this is the grass type Hyper Beam, Frenzy Plant. In the anime it is a bunch of spiky vines coming out of the ground and grabbing hold of the opposing...
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    Breaking and Entering

    At the moment I have a huge fear of someone breaking into my home, coming in and stealing something. The question I pose to you fellow SPPf frequenters is: Have you ever had someone break into your home and take something and Have you yourself ever broken into someone's home and taken...
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    Pokemon: Connection, Separation, Forgiveness, Despair

    Hello! This is my first real attempt at writing a fan fic as all of my others have ended in failure. This story starts off with a young boy named Mark on holiday with his family and friends when he witnesses the fight of his life with his own two eyes. Mark must deal with the separation of...
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    Woh, there. Isn't that a little much for a children's game?

    Sorry if this is already a thread. I was casually walking down Route 212 when I saw the Pokemon Mansion looming over me so I decided to take a look inside. Once I got in I had a poke around and saw a nice maid offering me the five maid knockout challenge. I accepted and quickly swept all five...
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    Kanto's Existance?

    Game Freak have found a way to include the Kanto region in at least two games in every main series games (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FR/LG, HG/SS). But how are they going to include it in the next installment of Pokemon games. (Not saying there is going to be a new generation...
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    Sinnoh Platinum Gym Leaders.

    I was just looking through the Platinum discussion thread and found there wasn't a thread on the gym leaders. Basically talk about which ones you found difficult, which ones you found easy and which ones were plain annoying. I for one found Byron incredibly easy, I only had to try and beat...
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    What happens to the holes?

    In the Pokemon anime(no doubt that it happens in others but in different ways) we see many Pokemon use dig and other things that affect the surrounding environment. But how does the environment cope with all of the explosions, holes, burning forests, destroyed rocks, trees and other things...