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  1. AgentKallus

    This or That - Face-off (30 Minute cool-down)

    Cats or Dogs, City or Countryside, Tea or Coffee, that sorta thing. Lets start with Cats V Dogs. v Cats 0/15 Dogs 0/15
  2. AgentKallus

    Which gen 8 pokemon should be in Smash Bros? - Final Round( 1 hour cooldown)

    8 Gen 8 pokemon will compete to see who should be in smash bros. Round 0 - Nominations 1- ? 2- ? 3- ? 4- ? 5- ? 6- ? 7- ? 8- ? Each Sppf member may nominate a gen 8 pokemon, but once 8 nominations are made no more nominations will be accepted. The 8 pokemon will then face-off in a tournament...
  3. AgentKallus

    Spilt Evolution face-off (30 minutes cooldown)

    When an evolution line is branched which branch do you prefer? Add one point to either side per post, first to reach 15 wins. Match 1 - Slowpoke v Slowbro 0/15 Slowking 0/15
  4. AgentKallus

    Who do you want to be Smash Brothers? Final Round - 2 Hour Cool Down

    Hi all,this is another face-off this time to pit against each other potential additions to the smash bros roster. This will be a typical bracket style face-off. Cool-Down time and specific rules will be added when nominations are complete You may nominate up to six (maybe more if we don't...
  5. AgentKallus

    Rival Bracket- Final Round - Hugh V N - (45 Minute Cool-down)

    16 rivals enter only one will win.... It's the Rival Face-Off!!!!!!! (swsh rivals haven't been included as not enough is known about them and 16 is a easier number to work with) Rules: Add one point to either side first side to reach 12 wins Brendan and May and Calem and Serena are counted as...
  6. AgentKallus

    The Colours of the rainbow Elimination (1 Hour cooldown)

    Remove one point from a colour per post when all colours but one are eliminated the last colour left wins. Red 7/7 Orange 7/7 Yellow 7/7 Green 7/7 Blue 7/7 Indigo 7/7 Violet 7/7
  7. AgentKallus

    What moments from the games do you want in a hypothetical second season of pokemon generations?

    What moments from the main games would you want to see adapted in a hypothetical second season of pokemon generations? Pokemon generations was a free to view series of short (4-5ish minutes) animated adaptions of moments from the Pokemon games, while most of the episodes were direct moments...
  8. AgentKallus

    What are your favourite additions to the Pokémon games?

    What are your favourite additions* to the Pokémon games? Which new feature captured your imagination? Did a new type inspire you? The addition of abilities really improved Pokemon to be as it help make many Pokemon more distinct and such, however my very favourite addition to the Pokemon games...
  9. AgentKallus

    Two words at a time story... (15 minute cooldown)

    If a story is more than seven lines long (on pc, standard font size) and has come to a natural conclusion feel free to start the next one instead of adding to that one. I'll start.... A donkey
  10. AgentKallus

    Regional Variant Versus Original (2 hour cooldown) SWSH Spoilers

    Which is better the regional variant or the original, you decide! Simply add one point to either side, until one side reaches 15. V Kanto Weezing 0/15 Galar Weezing 0/15
  11. AgentKallus

    Pick a Pokemon that fits with a word.

    Quite a simple little game, someone types a word and the next poster suggests a pokemon that fits with that word and then say their own word. For Example etc I'll start us off with the word Resentful
  12. AgentKallus

    Seven Deadly Sins Elimination (2 Hour Cool-down)

    The Seven Deadly Sins are a concept first seen in religion but the idea has spread beyond that and is also seen in comics, movies and anime. For this face-off each sin starts with 14 points and per post one point is removed from one of the sins, once a sin reaches 0 points they are eliminated...
  13. AgentKallus

    Famous Historical Figures-Final Match (30 Minute Cooldown)

    In this thread Famous historical figures will face-off until only one reamian Rules: I'll decide how I want this face-off to work depending on how many Nominations there are. Nominations: Each SPPF member may nominate up to 8 famous historical figures. Since it's historical figures only...
  14. AgentKallus

    Mega Evolution : Mega Bracket ( 2 Hour Cool-down)

    48 Mega Evolutions enter the Mega Bracket, only one comes out on top. Mega Bracket in spoiler below I will post an updated version of the bracket after each round. Simply add one point to either side, first side to reach six wins. Round 1 - Match 1 -Mega Medicham vs Mega Charizard Y v...
  15. AgentKallus

    Type Specialist Elimination (Bonus Round) (30 minute cool-down)

    Shauntal is the overall victor : Gardenia : Korrina : Shauntal : Wallace : Whitney : Sabrina : Giovanni : Winona : Janine : Viola : Olivia : Pryce : Elesa : Kiawe : Jasmine : Lance : Mina : Karen Bonus-round Untyped: Hau Thanks for participating everybody and remember...
  16. AgentKallus

    Lets make a regional dex (I hour coldown)

    The idea here is simple simply add a new Pokemon line east post till we have a full Dex of 150ish E.g. This continues until one of the evolution lines exceeds 150 e.g. add a line of 3 after 148 or a line of two after 149.Here are some rules - Each poster may only post 1 legendary/mythical...
  17. AgentKallus

    Galar Dex Controversy

    I think that the controversy is an important issue that should be discussed, however it is not the only thing in sword/shield so it doesn't need to be repeated ad nauseam in every single thread. Hence my creation of this thread so that the main 'dexit' discussion can happen here without messing...
  18. AgentKallus

    Have you read this book?

    This is basically a book version of the have you seen this TV show game. The idea is simple, a book is stated and you say whether or not you've read it and if you have then give it a rating out of 10 and then state a book yourself. I started this with Novels in mind but feel free to state...
  19. AgentKallus

    Greek Gods Elimination ( 1 hour Cooldown)

    Below there's a list of 14 Greek gods ( the 12 Olympians + Hades and Hestia) each starts with 15 points per post one point is removed from one of the gods, once a god reach 0 points they are eliminated and this continues until only 1 remains, sound good? Zeus 15/15 Hera 15/15 Poseidon 15/15...
  20. AgentKallus

    Flag face-off. (30 minute cooldown)

    I had another idea for a dumb face-off Two flags will face-off against each other, first to zero loses. Hopefully the game will continue until only one flag remains. Rules Both flags start with 15 points, you remove a point from one side per post, first to zero loses. I doubt this'll need a...