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    Magikarp used Splash, its super effective.

    Magikarp used Splash, its super effective! (Idea was from another member from another forum) OK, so the point of this game is to hit the Pokemon above with a super effective hit from another Poke that can learn that move. Rules: Sableye, Spiritomb, and Elektross are banned. Judgement...
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    Title thread won't change?

    Okay, I want to change the Title thread on my shop. But whenever I try to change it, it still display the same title I named it before. Can anyone help and tell me why this happens? I just want to take off the "(Do not post yet please)" from my shop title. :(
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    A wild (Shuckle) appeared!

    ;213; Hey everyone, i'm (Shuckle)! Shuckle is my favorite pokemon and my username is named after him. Except that my username was parenthesis around it. I came here from other forums such as Smogon and Bulbagarden forums. I like trading with a lot of people. :D I hope I can make friends on...