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    Your opinion on what Ash's Unova Team should have been

    This should been in the anime thread since this relate to the anime.:P
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    Pokemon X and Y's Effect on the Anime

    Sigh, i'm going to be late to the party but whatever....-___- His opinion about May returning may be wrong yet so are yours so look who’s talking. For once it is overwhelming upon reading about your “prophecies” about your waifu favorite character to make a comeback when there’s no chance of...
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    problem with my pokemon ruby game cartridge. HELP!!

    i understand, at least the game is still playable
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    problem with my pokemon ruby game cartridge. HELP!!

    Actually there is a way to fix the Berry Glitch, you would need another GameBoy Advance, a link cable and a cartridge of either FR or LG. To perform this, you need to turn on the other GBA with the FRLG in and I think as you turn on, you're supposed to hold Select/Start and it takes you to this...
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    Which game did/do you play the most?

    I remember in my Ruby Version, I'd reached the maximum playtime, 999:59 until I erased it since I did alot of stupid stuff like killing Groudon and catching Absol w/ a Master Ball.>A< my other games, I think Pearl has logged in around 500 or more.:/ My current game White 2 is logged around 72...
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    Pokemon Design Misconceptions

    Always knew Poliwag has a mouth so since that's covered for me, I think Mawile's and Excadrill's designs got me a bit confused. I used to think that Mawile's 'jaws' was actually its mouth from the front view while fro Excadrill; when it first came out, I used to think the red diamond-shaped...
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    Most forgettable gym leader/elite four member

    The gym leaders that I find to be forgetful would be Erika but only b/c the Gen 1 Grass types are ones i find forgetful except for the Bulbasaur line...;P For E4, I find Will to be forgetful for some reason....:/
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    Indeed and forgive my late response, I got carried off w/ school...^^; I hope my long absence...

    Indeed and forgive my late response, I got carried off w/ school...^^; I hope my long absence didn't made you inactive.D:
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    Hiya!^^ Thanks for the friend request, I'm flattered that you did.:D

    Hiya!^^ Thanks for the friend request, I'm flattered that you did.:D
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    Pokemon X and Y's Effect on the Anime

    Max is confirmed to be seven years old so chances of him to suddenly gain 3 yrs is out of the window.
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    Will Oshawott leave Ash??

    lol no, just b/c the title mentions The Wott leaving doesn't mean he will...he's here to stay until X/Y rolls around.;)
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    Your thoughts about the Unova saga? SPOILERS

    What did you like about it? What didn't you like? SO FAR, I liked that how Best Wishes managed to break traditions such as Ash capturing more than 6 Pokemon while obtaining his first Rock-type (Boldore) and Dark type (Scraggy/Krookodile) and not having TRio to appear in EVERY episode despite...
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    Series with the BEST filler episodes? (No Kanto/OI)

    Best Wishes, I like how much effort the writers put into making them entertaining.:D Johto is a close second.:)
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    Have you ever had a female starter?

    Yeah, I gotten a female Snivy on White 2 yet I had to reset my game several times in order to get it.:P
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    What turns in the Pokemon World would blow your mind?

    Celebi's connection w/ the GS Ball, I read a theory on it on how it appears and battles w/ you b/c it wants to prevent Kurt from releasing on what was in that ball.:P Also a backstory on the Pokemon war.:)
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    My goal before X and Y.

    I made a few goals too.:) b4 I'm going to get Pokemon X since my brother's getting Pokemon Y, I'll try to beat Pokemon White 2 since I still haven't beaten it yet.:B I also need to purchase a 3DS.-.- Lastly do something creative and make a comic.
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    Pokemon That look Connected But Aren't

    @ToeyJoey, A little bit of both, the infamous Trainer's Choice did made me believe Arbok can evolve into Seviper until I found out they're both unrelated.:P I agree, yet I admit that the error made me think that Arbok can evolve.-.-
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    Pokemon That look Connected But Aren't

    Which one of the Pokemon evolves into Seviper? If you guess Arbok, then you're right! LIES!!!XP
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    What are Pokemon everyone wants?

    Practically people do want Zekrom or Reshiram that is level 9 and under...;)
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    Wich pokémon do you hate the most?

    I don't really hate any Pokemon but I do happen to dislike some -Burmy: Pretty useless and are only special to appear in any area -Combee: Esp. the males.D: -Spinda: Hoenn's Route 113's full of them in these grass patches. -Machamp: Dynamic Punch Spammage -Swablu: I tried training one at a...