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    Yep, here is another unique typing dragon from 5th gen, and in my opinion a simple beast. The fact that its typing leaves much to desire to some left me astonish since I so it, and beeing bulky with those great speed and attacking stats it can be deadly. Here it goes. #646 Kyuremu Typing...
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    What do you hate the most here in serebii? -Someone in special who trolls you -Some threads? -Something not listed above -me? :3? I personally hate ... nothing :3. Post away!
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    How to teach celebi...

    How can you teach a celebii the move seed bomb Im not sure If Im posting in the right place :/
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    My team

    Aerodactyl Focus Sash Ability: Pressure EVs: 31 in attack 31 speed and 25 hp Nature: Jolly - Stealth Rock - Taunt - Stone edge - Earthquake mostly use stealth rock asap and taunt, and change if cant do a super effective attack. Earthquake is mostly the first option in attacks because of its...
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    Hi there!

    Well, as you can see, I'm new to the forums, umm, i, ummm, ummmmmm!... like pokemon xD